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ERP For Tourism Industry

ERP For Tourism Industry

Sachana ChandranJan. 8, 2020

Tourism is one of the most important and dynamic sector to increase global economy . There is a high level of competition in the tourism industry. Therefore, to survive it is important that the customer service is of par excellence. Tourism sector helps in creating large number of employment which in turn helps for the ever increasing population. For many countries and localities, tourism is the largest sector of employment for the people. Hence, to run a successful organization it’s very necessary to collect the accurate information about customer and map the services provided to them. Odoo ERP for tourism industry meets all the demands of the modern tourism sector such as customer service, daily work updation, co-operation between department, scheduling, updation of daily cash flow, and it also help to reduce the operational cost and increase the organization efficiency.

Inventory Management

Tourism industry involves a lot of inventory management like hotel rooms, beds, utensils, linen, groceries, toiletries and so on. One goof up can create a bad customer experience. With the help of Odoo Tour Management ERP, all this inventory needs to be constantly tracked and managed real time.

Customer Relationship Management

Manage your business interactions with existing and potential customers, improve business relationships with customers by using data visualization and also analysis about the history of client's cooperation with your company. Provides you with an opportunity to boost sales. This flexible database enables you to know your clients better by giving any information on them: their contacts, addresses or relationship with your competitors.

odoo tour management -CRM

Event Management

Event Management in Odoo also have a part in tour management. In every domain Event management is a tool for an efficient communication. Tourism industry they are conducting many events for marketing purpose and for expressing their business strategy.

Torism industry ERP - Odoo event management


Human Resource Management

Managing resources, their shifts and wages is a challenge in the tourism sector. Odoo ERP suite helps you with the day to day activities related to resources like hiring, wages, work shifts, leaves, task assignment and so on via its streamlined payroll, recruitment, time-sheet management and performance appraisal applications.

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