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Enable reCAPTCHA in moodle when user sign up


Abhishek M.SNov. 29, 2016

Moodle security is an inevitable part when you register on it. There are many ways you can better secure your Moodle. Everybody may be familiar with reCAPTCHA, a way that other sites ensure you’re actually a person. This blog explains you how to enable reCAPTCHA in Moodle when user sign up.

Step 1: Site Administration-> Plugins-> Authentication-> Manage authentication
Enable "Email-based self-registration".

Enable Email-based self-registration


Step 2: In the Email-based self-registration settings:

Enable reCAPTCHA element is set to "Yes".

Step 3: Sign up to and get the public/private keys.

get the public/private keys


Step 4: Put them at Admin-> Plugins-> Authentication-> Manage authentication page and save it!

reCAPTCHA enable in moodle when user sign up


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