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Data Cleaning App in Odoo 14 Enterprise

Data Cleaning App

Abhishek M.SDec. 17, 2020

Odoo 14 includes a new Data Cleaning app. This app allows for automated cleansing, merging, and removal of duplicated data.  A data cleaning app is to clean away all unnecessary documents and data from the server. Data cleaning is the process of preparing data by removing or modifying data that is incorrect, incomplete, irrelevant, duplicated, or improperly formatted. This data is usually not necessary or helpful when doing analyzes, as it might hinder the process or provide inaccurate results. With Odoo 14, you can use a fully operational and revolutionary data cleaning app.

What is Data Cleaning?

Data Cleaning is the process of removing unwanted data. All data duplication includes customer contact, details,field details, etc fall under the data cleaning app. Odoo makes data cleaning a simple task for all by configuring deduplication and field cleaning. This module checks the redundancy of data and gives suggestion for deleting and merging those data. Modules have rules and according to that rule, duplicate data’s are removed. Also data merging is done automatically to a single record or it can be done manually too.

Odoo data cleaning app is integrated with Customer relationship management,Documents,Contacts, and many other modules. This will help you to avoid the messing up of documents due to duplication.

By using this blog, you can understand the operation of the Data cleaning application.

The “DATA CLEANING” app is accessed from the Odoo app menu by pressing Data cleaning icon

Data cleaning icon

Data cleaning Dashboard

Press the data cleaning icon, Dashboard of data cleaning app. Dashboard display a list of duplicated documents. On the left side of dashboard, rules are found.

Dashboard of data cleaning app

How to configure Rules of Data cleaning app?

To configure rules, first you have to go to configuration from the menu bar.Once you click configuration from the menu bar, you will find a drop-down menu for Rules.

drop-down menuof Data Cleaning App

The configuration rules are set in two ways:

1. Deduplication

2. Field Cleaning

Deduplication Rules

By clicking Deduplication rules, it will open a new window where you can set the deduplication rules by choosing the different rules. Deduplication Rules consists of Conatcts,CRM Tag,Country,Country State,Industry, Lead Oppurtunity, etc.

How to create Deduplication Rules ?

First , click create button in duplication rule. You will get a new window.

duplication rule

Then , check the required fields in new window.

new window of data cleaning app

Here you can select the Model and choose different options. Deduplication rule are selected and set whether you want to merge the documents automatically or manually. By adding users in notify users option, you can also decide if you want to notify the user. Also this window lets you decide the interval to get a notification on deduplication. After entering the details,click on the save button.


After the saving this rule, press deduplicate button.

deduplicate button

Once you press the deduplicate button, you are taken to the duplicates.

deduplicate button

How to Configure Field Cleaning Rules?

Field cleaning rules are to clean the field. In field cleaning rules, you can tick the required columns and go ahead with creating field cleaning rules.

First , you have to create a new rule. So press the create button.

create a new rule, press the create button

Once you click the create button . You will get a new window

 new window

After filling up the details , press the save button.

press the save button

After pressing clean button , it will shows the contact names.

contact name

if we press the validate button for any record names listed here. It trims the space between the names. For example, here Record Id with 59 is selected.

 Record Id

After clicking validate, then the record name will be seen like the image below

 record name

In conclusion, this is how Data Cleaning App in Odoo 14 Enterprise works.

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