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CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Customer Relationship Management

Sahdiya MammoottyAug. 9, 2019

Customer Relationship Management 

A CRM is very important in business. As we know that, in this era we are  competing with each other. Hence to get a market or clients are difficult. To attract clients, every business industry are doing to make a perfect advertising to attract customers. So managing customer is one of the key points in business. Now let us have a detailed look on what is CRM and Odoo CRM Features.

ODOO CRM Benefits in Business

Implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) solution might involve significant time and expense. However, there are many potential benefits for CRM.

A major advantage can be the development of better relations with your existing customers, which can lead to:

  • expanded sales through better timing due to anticipating needs based on historic trends
  • distinguishing needs more effectively by understanding specific customer requirements
  • cross-selling of other products by highlighting and suggesting alternatives or enhancements
  • identifying which of your customers are profitable and which are not

This can prompt to better marketing of your products or services by focusing on:

  • effective focused marketing communications aimed specifically at customer needs
  • a more close approach and the development of new or improved products and services in order to win more business in the future

Ultimately this could lead to:

  • enhanced client satisfaction and retention, ensuring that your good reputation in the marketplace continues to grow
  • expanded value from your existing customers and reduced cost associated with supporting and servicing them, increasing your overall efficiency and reducing total cost of sales
  • improved benefit by focusing on the most profitable customers and dealing with the unprofitable in more cost effective ways.

CRM In odoo

For managing clients details in a convenient manner and also avoid complication we uses CRM software's. Plenty varieties of CRM softwares are available. As a result, these software tools are used to treat clients. Installing such tools completely helping to manage customers in business.

An open source CRM software's uses open source code, where source codes are available in public over the internet. Just we have modified and altered according to our requirements.

An odoo CRM is the combination of 8+ applications and modules. To make an efficient CRM system you have to install these applications.

The application/plugins are;

  • CRM     
  • Leads to tasks
  • CRM gamification
  • Contact form
  • CRM live chat
  • Survey CRM
  • Resellers
  • CRM phone number validations
  • Contact from phone number validation
  • Opportunity to quotation

CRM is incomplete with sales module in ODOO. Therefore, the combo of Sales module and CRM gives a better management of customer.CRM label is designed in kanban view. Hence ,viewing pipeline template, we can easily understand the workflow of client quotations,order, priority, etc….

Moreover, in the Dashboard we can see directly make a quotations to customers, pipeline analysis etc…

With Odoo Live Chat, you can build a direct contact with your website visitors. An easy dialog box will be available on their screen and will allow them to get in touch with one of your sales representatives. Thus, you can easily turn prospects into potential business opportunities. You will also be able to provide assistance to your customers. Overall, this is the perfect tool to improve customer satisfaction.

CRM gamification, Which motivate employers to dedicate their work  into it.

Leads to Task, Which module lead to task and a count lead assigned to project.

Contact form, Main features are;

Firstly, >send contact form info to your email.

Secondly, >Dynamic sender/receiver email, email template.

Additionally, CRM resellers, The online  partners dedicated to the sale and support of the customer relationship management (CRM) in Open ERP or ODOO  CRM. These value-added re-sellers often add additional services or features to the platform based on the client's needs.

Opportunity to quotation, direct make quotation with customers..

In addition to this, we explain you about CRM and Sales Channels with Odoo 11. In short, we hope you understood about Customer Relationship Management and Odoo CRM features very well.


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