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Configure Routing In Odoo 12 Manufacturing


Neenu RobinNov. 22, 2019

configure Routing In Odoo 12 Manufacturing

Manufacturing Module in Odoo ERP allows to work manufacturing with or without routing. You will most likely use manufacturing orders without routing if all the work to produce your product is being perform in one place, by one person, in one step. Managing your operations in this way is the default behavior in Odoo. The second way uses additional documents to give you more precise control over the manufacturing process. In this way, Manufacturing orders in odoo are divide into one or more steps define by work orders, perform in an order define by routings. Here, we discuss in detail on configure routing In Odoo12 manufacturing.

To use work orders and routings, you will need to enable the option Manage production by work orders .

Manufacturing → Configurations → Settings → Enable Work Orders → Save.

enable routing odoo

Routes basically mentions the set of operations each manufacturing order have to go through to get the final product. Each stage requires some kind of resource to be use to perform an operation. The resource could be a piece of equipment such as a drill or a lathe, or it could be a manual resource that would perform a task such as checking quality or performing a measurement. The operation would be allocate a certain amount of time for the task to be perform before the operation is finish and the item will be pass on to the next operation. The routing has to have these operations in the correct order for the manufacturing process to be complete correctly.


Work Center Creation

The work center is another term for the piece of equipment that is to be use in the operation or the manual resource that is being use to perform a specific task. If the work center is a machine or a piece of equipment, the system will need to know information about that work center, such as the capacity of the item.
To Create a Work Center, go to Manufacturing → Master Data → Work Center→ Create.

work centre odoo


work center details

Enter the Work center name and Other details.

Time Efficiency is to calculate expected duration of a work order at this work center. If a work order takes 1 hour and efficiency is 100%, then the expected duration will be 1 hour. If the efficiency is 200% then the expected duration is 30mins.

Capacity shows the number of pieces that can be produce in parallel.

OEE Target is Overall Equipment Efficiency in percentage.

Time before prod. is the time in min for set up.

Time after prod. is the time in minimum require after production for cleaning.


routing in odoo manufacturing

Route Creation

To create Route go to, go to Manufacturing → Master Data → Routings→ Create

Routing In Odoo12 Manufacturing

Enter the Routing Name and operations required under the routing. Enter the operation name and select the work-center name.

Duration of a work center can be set in two ways. First is system will calculate time based on last work orders . Other one is we need to set the time manually.

Routing In Odoo12 Manufacturing


In the Description area we can mention the process at the work-center. Worksheet area allows to attach the workflow.

Routing In Odoo12 Manufacturing


Routing In Odoo12 Manufacturing


Linking Of Route To A Product

While creating BOM for a product we can associate Routing for that particular product.

BOM Routing odoo

Select the routing for the product in the Routing Field.


When a Sale Order for the Product is confirm a Manufacturing Order will be generate automatically.

Sales order odoo


Go to the Manufacturing Orders page we can see the MO generated for the Product.

manufacturing order odoo


Open the MO. We can see the Product, components details and also the routing mentioned. Check availability of the components. If the components are available in the stock, they will be reserved and then we can start production.


Select Create Work-orders buttons.



Based on the routing mentioned work orders will be generated.

generate workorder


The status of the first Work-order is ready. Open the first work order. Select the Start Working Button.

status odoo


Each work center has real time tracking to find the time taken and also to calculate the cost of the work center based on the time taken.

Once the work order is complete, select the Done button. Status of the Work order will change to finish and the consecutive work order will be ready to start its work. The same procedure will be follow for all work orders.

done button odoo


Once all Wok orders finished we can see the number of components consumed under the To Consume field.

component number -routing odoo manufacturing


Select the Mark As Done Button and the Manufacturing Order will be completed.

Select the Structure and Cost of the BOM to see the structure and value of the BOM.

manufacturing order complete-odoo routing


BOM value

We hope the blog in understanding in detail on configuring routing in Odoo12 manufacturing.


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