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Comparison Between Odoo 11 And Odoo 12 Website Builder

Comparison Between Odoo 11 And Odoo 12 Website Builder

IjasOct. 11, 2019

Comparison Between Website Builder In Odoo 11 And Odoo 12

Odoo website builder is one of the top 20 website builder of software products. The latest version of Odoo comes with a multi-website support. This is a feature that many companies are looking for and which is in odoo 12, but not in odoo 11.

As companies globalize, different options need to be offer to different customers. So it is very important that you are able to direct them in to the right website and website experience. So, this is where multi website come in to really good use. Multi-website support allows configuration of as many websites as desire, also we can set a different theme for each website.

Odoo Website Builder

Install Website Application From Apps

website -> configuration -> settings

We want to go ahead and put tick on the checkbox of Multi-Websites under the features menu.


Then we need to scroll up. When we scroll up we can see that there is two different option here for websites by which you can also create a website very easily.


Click on the create a new website button.


Here we can give our website name ,website domain and default language after all we can choose a theme also. We can customize each websites as our own wish. After that go back to your website app and then click on the goto website button.


And by clicking on the new button we can add many things in a single click as compared to odoo 11.


This thing can add some extra application. Since odoo is so integrate it would definitely make the integration very easy.

Customizing Website

In odoo 12 we can improve the customization of our website. That is, when we click on the customize menu we can see that it is now generic to any kind of theme install in our system. Whereas in odoo 11, it is something built specific for every single theme. Now in odoo 12, its more generic and odoo is empower with way more features .



When comparing Odoo 11 and odoo 12, odoo 12 have beautiful building blocks. We can test anyone and even compare with the previous version. Now everything has been improve to be fully editable in terms of colors, sizing etc..


If I click here the customize button I have way more options, here you can see that there is a new option number of columns which was not there in the odoo 11 version. So the number of options per elements have been considerably increase.

Optimizing Website

Looking at the native options of the website editor we see here the SEO tool to improve the search engines.


Here we have brand new screen ,it was also in odoo 11 but it has improvement ,odoo has improved it with use of the keywords. If we type some keywords and if we have multi language websites we can apply this keyword in a particular language and we can see how this term is used through our website.

In odoo 12, the design has been improve. The tool like SEO has been improve and the page properties have also improve. On the top we have a page menu from there we can edit the menu,manage pages, we can add different options.


If we go to manage our pages ,


We will directly see at a glance all the pages that are not well SEO optimized here we have a new icon like a lens which represents did you get it to SEO when it is tick mark it means that the job has been done but when you have a cross it means that you still have to improve it.


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