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CatchWeight Management ERP For Food Industry

catchweight erp for food industry

Anisha M JosephJune 19, 2021

ERP For Food Industry

Even though, many industries facing a furious competition and thin margins to survive, the past present and even in future, the food industry is a demanding area. Because the emotional correlation between food and life is really vulnerable. In this today’s fast-paced, modern life, the life had changed and the trends also changed. However, that link has not weakened. Therefore the industry stays strong. Even in the corona crisis, food industry places an important role. No man can live without depending the food sector. Therefore, the food industry is vital all around the world and ERP for food industry becomes a necessity.

Nowadays, food industry is perpetually developing in terms of consumer choice, with increasing demand for high quality fresh, chilled and frozen products with accurate weight proportion and the need to continuously innovate. Increasing regulations on traceability, clean labeling, effective production, Manufacturing, weight management, the need to reduce salt and fats as well as production costs and lead times, product shipping, after all for managing food waste, require the food industry to be more flexible today than it ever has been. In addition, for the ease in managing the industry, many firms developed a range of solutions for customers who actively want to reduce costs, manage performance and grow the business in new or existing markets. An erp for food industry will bring extra benefit on a business process.

It is nice to classify the food industry into many sub industries. Because then it will be more easy for the accurate managing of each industry or business forgetfully. Technaureus have years of experience in developing erp software's for various industries such as, Meat industry, Fish Industry, Drinks Industry, Bakery industry, Dairy industry, Poultry industry etc.

CatchWeight Management System

Catch Weighting is an important term in food industry. Moreover, catch weight processing used by food processors and distributors to manage products where an individual item’s actual weight varies. These products would typically be sold in one unit of measure like packages or cases though priced by weight of the products shipped.

The catch weight products use two units of measure:

  1. Inventory unit : The inventory unit is the unit of measure in which the product is sold, received, transferred, picked, and shipped.
  2. Catch weight unit : The catch weight unit is the unit by which the item is weighed and invoiced. A nominal or standard weight is generally defined for the inventory unit, making it easy to determine whether a recorded actual weight is within tolerance.

Catch Weight Processing Specialties:

  • Supports definition of a nominal or average weight per item
  • Customers can order in one unit of measure such as packages or cases and invoiced based on per-pound pricing.
  • Supports recording of actual weights at time of shipment
  • Supports recording of dual units of measure for inventory, sales, and invoicing transactions

ERP for Food Industry

ERP Software for food processing industry

A competitive businesses operating within a food landscape require an up-to-date ERP system, capable of managing vendors, customers, products, logistics, production and quality control. Having an effective control over the many functional areas that are involved in running a food  company is a demanding and herculean task. As a result, without an integrated ERP software system in place, the task is less efficient, more costly and has a higher probability of failing to achieve both your business strategies and long term goals. By understanding the case.. as a result, Technaureus decided to develop a catchweight management erp software for the food industry. And this catchweight erp is applicable in any food industries like,

Meat industry:. An industry with increasingly strict margins, rigorous regulations and demanding customers, Technaureus a reliable erp designed specifically for the meat industry to give you greater visibility of the business functions.

Dairy Industry:. Technaureus ERP solutions with dairy-focused offerings that seamlessly plans procurement, accurate measurements, tracks expiry, meets compliance and efficiently handles your perishable goods. It integrates and streamlines your distribution, manufacturing, quality and finance while also efficiently planning your material as well as production to reduce wastage.

Sea food Industry:. The erp in fish industry also have some our own specialities. It starts from catching of fish to the ending of its final production stage. ERP can be helpful in each minute stages such as, Catching, Storage, Eviscerating, Washing, Packing in cans, Filling solution, Can washing, Sterilisation, Can cooling, Can dying, Storage, Labelling, Loading, Shipment etc. Which are connected to the fish processing industry, only carried precisely with an efficient erp software

Bakery industry:. Our Bakery business solution is tailor around the requirements of the production, sales and supply chain requirements of companies. And it make diverse ranges of products including bread, rolls, cakes, hot plate items and pastries.

Poultry industry:. Technaureus have developed a powerful ERP solution with specific functionalities & features designed for the poultry industry. And our Poultry solution tailored around the requirements of the production, sales and supply chain requirements of companies rearing, breeding, laying, hatching and processing poultry.

Technaureus ERP for Food Industry is the only software specifically tailor to manage the complex processes of the Food Industry with its powerful features. We can assure you constant improvement in profitability, efficiency, inventory accuracy and cost management. With a food ERP software system, entrepreneurs, managers and retailers can perform distinct assignments. For instance, finding a formula or recipe and monitoring production costs rapidly and effectively. You can easily calculate the accurate wight or the measurement of your products. Moreover, it can track a variety of things including the loss of inventory, ingredients, or even the spending adds up to distributed for the production cycle.

Our ERP additionally ensure the protection of your manufacturing company and secure your data. Moreover, we provide food security, for example, product details, expiry dates, content properties, and nourishment can effortlessly followed and checked. As a result, it can help with required data reporting and significantly better quality by executing formula control, yield book keeping, and conformance.

Our Catch Weight ERP Features:

  • Production management
  • Weight management system
  • Inventory Tracking System
  • Extendable throughout
  • Warehouse Management
  • Cloud Solution
  • Quality Control
  • Compatible with external scales
  • Shelf Life of Inventory
  • Purchase & Sales Management
  • Potential Recalls
  • Inventory Management
  • Maintain data with tolerances
  • Multi company Management
  • Multi User & Multi currency support
  • Providing promo offers and discounts for particular customers
  • Integrated Fleet Management
  • Reports & Analytic Dashboards
  • Integrated HR and payroll Management etc.

An investment now in an ERP system for your food business can provide your business with the support structure it needs for surviving the challenges and helping you reap the rewards.

So, if you want to keep secure of your business..Technaureus catchweight erp (CATCHW8) is here. Feel free to contact us! We provide the CATCHW8 Management solution in countries like India, America, Oman, Qatar, KuwaitUAE, Bahrain, Maldives, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Australia , Abu dhabi , Dubai, Thailand, Canada, Hong Kong, Germany, Mexico, Spain, France etc. 



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