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Cash Rounding in Odoo

Cash Rounding in Odoo

Muhammed NizarudheenDec. 4, 2018

Thinking of how to round the total amount in Odoo? If so, you reached the right page for your problem.

Cash rounding means the total amount of a bill will be rounded up or down to the nearest 5 cents. This feature helps to create a bill with a rounded total amount. Odoo 11 provides a default feature for rounding cash. Cash Rounding In Odoo was not there in the previous versions of it. In any business, cash rounding is an important feature. This feature enables the vendor to round off the cost of any request,  while installment is made.

To enable rounding to go to >Invoicing module  >Settings  >Invoices  check >Cash Rounding

Now you can see a menu named >Cash Rounding. You can select from here or you can go to >Invoicing module >Configuration  >management  >Cash Roundings

Select the Cash Rounding menu

Now you can select >create the button

create a billYou can do cash rounding by using two Rounding Strategy

1. Add a rounding line

2.Modify tax amount

By using Add a rounding line, Odoo will add a new line in the customer's invoice

cash rounding by using Add a rounding lineBy using Modify tax amount, the tax amount will be rounded.

 cash rounding by Modify tax amountSave the changes made.

Now go to>customers invoice. You can see a new field ‘Cash Rounding method’ is created. You can use any one rounding strategy from the above two defined strategies.

new field Cash Rounding method

Here you can see that the total amount in invoice, rounded based on the selected rounding method. This is very common use case of any business industry. And most of the time, we couldn't able to provide the exact balance amount for decimal currency sub units. So the only possible solution is up rounding or down rounding.

As you see, Odoo gives this feature in very flexible way. Either we can add a line or modify the tax amount.Odoo ERP services

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