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Booming Social Media Sites

social media sites

Varsha SureshAug. 26, 2019

ROARING OF Social Media Sites

top social media sites in 2020

Social medias sites are becoming an integral part of our lives today. Almost 70% people at present rely on internet, out of which social medias have a vital role. Communication is an important process in everyone's life which is increasing rapidly day by day. The conventional forms of communication methods have migrated. People today are behind smartphones and iPhone. In this technical world, communications have become completely online. So, social medias are the main platform for interaction between people nowadays. People from different parts of world can communicate through social medias. Social media sites enables people to communicate with others and create groups. Hence, communication becomes many to many and can share interactive ideas among others. The social medias will help people not only to interact with others but also gain attention from others unknown. Hence, they have become one of the best source of communication.

Social medias provide people the chance to showcase their articles, videos, express their feelings and so many features to the whole world. In addition, connect people from all over the world. The idea of social media became relevant with the invention of the first social media site ‘Six Degrees’. It was named after the theory ‘six degrees of separation’. The theory states that ‘everyone in the world is connected to everyone else by no more than six degrees of separation’, hence the name. It allowed people to make their own account and add other peoples to their network. Then comes the site ‘Friendster’, which competed with with Six Degrees and later moved on to a gaming application. Thereafter it was the era of social medias flourishing.


Benefits Of SM Sites

  • Ease of Connectivity.
  • Ability to extensively customize individual profiles.
  • Ability to expand user connectivity, hence popular.
  • Choosing the right platform
  • Easy integration with other social media platforms.
  • Privacy and security.
  • Notification and news feed available.

Facebook has created a massive change in the social media history by connecting people from world wide. Hence, it was the first site to surpass 1 billion user accounts. Not as a threat to Facebook, Whats app has brought a phenomenal change in the communication field where individuals chat and create their groups. An enhancing feature of Whats app is the Whats app call. Instagram was born as a unique platform with the main focus of sharing images and videos. Consequently, it has become a part of Facebook now with its attractive photo filtering features. Social media sites like Twitter enable people to convey messages to the whole world. Linked-In is one among the most popular professional social networking site available in 20 languages.

The social medias are booming rapidly day by day and people are following the race. Communication through mails are increasing frequently and people can get it anywhere at anytime. Hence, social medias are at their thrive in engaging people from all over the world together. It has become a part of everyone's life. Furthermore, they can facilitate the development of online social networks by connecting a user's profile with other individuals or groups. They play a crucial role in the social media marketing, which is one of the most emerging means of marketing technology. Social media access can be available from anywhere at any time via internet connection. Finally, social medias at at their hike in driving the world to a complete digital and interconnected platform.

Remind: The top listing Social Media Sites may vary according to the country

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