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BOM Structure And Cost Report

BOM Structure And Cost Report

Neenu RobinFeb. 17, 2020

In Odoo 12, Manufacturing module provides the feature of associating Bill Of Materials(BOM) to a product. Odoo BOM structure is the document that shows the components, quantities of each component, and the process required to manufacture a product. Odoo user can view the BOM cost and structure from cost and structure super button in BOM form view. Here you will get a clear idea on odoo 12 bom structure.


Creation of BOM

When we install Manufacturing Module in Odoo, with every Product form view a new icon showing BOM will appear.


When creating BOM for a product, go to Inventory tab under the Product and enable the Routes - Make To Order and Manufacture. Enabling these fields will automatically generate a Manufacturing Order for the Product when a Sale Order is confirm.

Based on the Product we can set the Manufacturing Lead Time and Customer Lead Time.

manufacture lead time-odoo

We can create BOM for the product either from the form view of the product or select BOM from the master data under the manufacturing module.

Manufacturing → Master Data → Bill of Materials → Create


Enter the Product name, Quantity and BOM. Under the Components tab enter the materials and the quantity require to manufacture the product.


Routing field is to show the operation required to produce this BOM. If a Routing is mention, Production orders will execute through Work Orders. Otherwise everything will be process in the Production Order itself.

In the BOM Type field we can select either Manufacture this product or Kit. To manufacture the product select ‘Manufacture this product option’. Kit can also be select if you want to sell products as components only. When processing a sales order for Kit, the delivery order will contain the raw materials, instead of the finished product.

Under the Miscellaneous tab, you can fill additional fields. Sequence defines the order in which your BoMs will be select for production orders, with lower numbers having higher priority.


Then Click the Save Button.

A new BOM will be generate.


Structure and Cost Of BOM

With each BOM we can see the Structure and Cost associate with it.


On selecting the Structure and Cost Button, we can see the BoM Structure and Cost in detail.


Workflow of BOM

Once a Sale Order for the Product is confirm, a Manufacturing Order will generate automatically.


bom in odoo

‘ To Consume ' in the Manufacturing Order shows how many quantities of components are required to manufacture the order.

Currently Reserved Quantity is 0. Once we click the Check Availability Button, Odoo checks the components availability.


If the components are available in the store, the ‘ To Consume ’ and ‘ Reserve ’ fields will be same.


If We select the ‘ Create Work Order ’ button, a work order will generate.


Once the work order is generated we can see a new button in the Manufacturing Order.


Go to the work Order by clicking the new button and start the operation.


Work order records the time taken for the operation in real time. Once the operation is finished select the ‘ Done ’ button in the work order.


Once the work order is complete, then we can select the ‘ Done ’ button in the Manufacturing Order. The Status of the product will change to done.


Hope you understood the odoo 12 bom structure very well.


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