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Best platform for odoo hosting....!!!!

odoo hosting

Sarath lalAug. 16, 2022

Cloud-based applications and storage have become popular over the years. It is a more cost-effective method. There are many cloud companies in operation, but one that gives you everything you need is DigitalOcean.We stronlgy recommend our clients to chose digitalocean for hosting odoo.

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Reasons Why DigitalOcean For Odoo?

1.Remarkable performance.

2.High availablility.

3.Affordable pricing.


5.More Data centers in the world.

Remarkable Performance:

It is the first provider of SSD-based virtual machines.So the performance will be extra ordinary.

High Availablility:

Support from digitalocean provides 24 hours and can get the service without any loss.

Affordable Pricing:

It's price is not much costly. It offers different hosting services from other cloud computing companies.For even get high performance of odoo digitalocean base plan is enough.


Any server on a public network can become the target of hackers. Thus, knowing how to ensure a system’s security is an important responsibility for anyone working with a server. From initial server setup to scaling and server maintenance, security is a vital and ever-changing consideration.Digitalocean provides firewall for high security from hackers.

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More Data Centers In The World

DigitalOcean’s Datacenters Are In The Following Locations:

NYC1, NYC2, NYC3: New York City, United States

• AMS2, AMS3: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

• SFO1, SFO2, SFO3: San Francisco, United States

• SGP1: Singapore

• LON1: London, United Kingdom

• FRA1: Frankfurt, Germany

• TOR1: Toronto, Canada

• BLR1: Bangalore, India

You can also check our docs here: If you host odoo in digitalocean you can upgrade the server as per your requiremnt like RAM ,storage,cpu cores etc.Also there will be backup features that leads to safety and performance.We once again suggest and refer you to chose the best cloud platform for odoo is digitalocean using below link:

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