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9 Reason Why you should use Odoo ERP over other ERP Software

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Neenu RobinDec. 31, 2019

Benefits of Odoo ERP

Odoo is an open source platform for end to end business application development and fastest growing software. ERPNext, iDempiere, Dolibarr, Meta-fresh are some of other ERP Open source software's. Odoo ERP automates processes across departments from beginning to end. It include additional functionality to meet the specific needs of each individual business. It is a process companies use to manage and integrate the important parts of their businesses. Odoo ERP offers lots of benefits to their users.

The ERP systems are a great way for setting up of plans, purchases, invoices, inventory, sales, marketing, finance, human resources etc... Supply Chain from manufacturing to distribution can be simply controlled through ERP systems.


1. All – Inclusive

ERP platform, Odoo is a combination of sales and project tools combined in a single product. This is further complemented by functionalities such as POS, MRP and eCommerce helping companies to handle all aspects of their operations. Its inventory management feature combines with its sales channel integrations, making sure that sales and inventory are always on the same page.

Odoo's significant advantage of the software is its intuitive interface. The builder comes with a simple drag and drop editor that allows you to quickly manage your content.

Many of the ERP systems are ideal for fast growing business. But the most and important benefit of Odoo erp over other ERP systems is that, it is mainly to help any one.

2. Interface

The latest version of Odoo is much more user friendly due to its advance and add on features in UI. If you have simple operations to do, a light ERP system works for you. If you require the power of Odoo, then you must choose Odoo. But ERPNext looks more like a subset of Odoo enterprise and is much simpler to configure. Because it is not fully functional like an Odoo power house.

Dolibarr, another ERP system like Odoo has no direct customer support. It need to have a contract with a partner. Also the web interface is not mobile friendly. Of course, there is DoliDroid but only for Android and not for iOS devices. In Odoo, the responsive layout is attractive and unique. It is craft in such a way to maximize the mobile use of Odoo.

Any app or module written for the Odoo 8 and up, the web client interface will be displayed automatically in a mobile friendly responsive user interface. It is in fact a great advantage of Odoo over Dolibarr.

Odoo have a good rating over user interface and its navigation.


3. Modes of Operation

One of the most import thing is ,Odoo is less prone to data erosion. If there is no internet connection in a session we are working on, it will automatically synchronize when the connection is up.

Apart from Odoo, Idempiere is an online web based ERP system meant for small to enterprises, lack the developers, consultants, implementer's in Idempiere. Whereas Adempiere ERP's where as Odoo is available both online and offline.


4. Modules

An Odoo module is a directory containing code files and other assets.

The main Odoo components are the framework, about 30 core applications (also called official modules) and more than 5000 community modules. Most Odoo modules are available in paid format. Community can buy or download many modules for free.

Odoo comes up with lots and lots of modules like CRM, Sales management, E-commerce, Warehouse management, Purchase management, Accounting suit, Manufacturing management, HRMS, etc.. All these basic modules collectively called as Enterprise Resource Planning software.


5. Versions

In 2005, Fabien Pinckaers, the founder and current CEO of Odoo, started to develop his first software product, TinyERP. Three years later, the name was change to OpenERP.

The program name was Tiny ERP till version 4.0.Open ERP came into existence from version 5.0. from version 8.0 onwards it began to know by the program name Odoo.

Latest version of Odoo was released on October 5th ,2019. Odoo version 14.0 is expect to be release on October 2020.


6. Integration

Odoo is available in both community edition and enterprise edition.Although the enterprise version is firmly based on the community version, it has many useful features (such as bank integration and VOIP) which the community version does not).

It can also integrate with Amazon and eBay and lets you reach to more potential customers

You can also, apply the third party integration's like to your software. These tools will make your software more powerful and efficient. The best thing about Odoo is that you can migrate easily to its newest versions and can always stay updated in the market.


7. Budget

What makes the software a powerful one is that users can avail of around 300 new applications per month. Although Odoo has many modules free of cost for the community edition, it is being sold on a per module basis at $12/user per month.

NetSuiteERP, another ERP system ,includes revenue, order, inventory and financial management, fixed assets and billing. These functionalities enable the system to provide the whole organization with visibility into key performance reports and indicators. The platform combines financial management and business intelligence, allowing users to make sound business decisions.Its base license costs $999 per month with access costs of $99 per user, per month.


8. User Friendly

Odoo can handle plenty of activities - inventory management, CRM, sales, reporting, accounting, etc. It automates sending invoices.The system also helps in supporting up/cross-selling buy recommending products to clients.

The latest version of Odoo is more User friendly and easy to use. However documentation part also has certain improvements apart from old versions.


9. Licences

GNU GPL (General Public Licencse), AGPL(Affero General Public License), LGPL v3 ( Lesser General Public License) are the licences used for Odoo so far.

GPL was issued till version 5.0. AGPL came in to existence from version 6.0 to 8.0.Licensing under LGPL v3 began from version 9.0 onwards and is still continuing it.

We hope this blog help you to understand about the benefits of Odoo ERP over other ERP Software in the market.



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