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Advantage of Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing

Advantage of Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing

Abhishek M.SAug. 30, 2019

Marketing is the most important part of business. It is the act of reaching to the targeted audience. Choosing a right kind of marketing is important in order to reach to the targeted audience. Over the past years we are witnessing the remarkable evolution in the field of marketing. There is a lot of changes happened in the marketing strategies. Compare to the traditional marketing strategies today digital media take part the role of marketing.

Lets have a look at what is traditional marketing and digital marketing.


    Advantages of Traditional marketing



Traditional marketing is nothing but it is the conventional method of marketing we are following over years. There are many traditional marketing methods which include:

  1. Print advertising

    It refers to advertising our business through newspapers,magazines,and brochures.

    Through this we are physically distributing it to large audience.

  2. Broadcast

    Broadcast advertising medium include television and radio. Through these medium we are marketing our product or service.

  3. Direct mail

    Here we are sending direct mail to the targeted audience. This method is much more targeted than print advertising.

  4. Telephonic

It is also called telemarketing. We directly contacting the targeted audience and advertising our brand through telephonic conversation. Some of them not preferring telemarketing. Because it will be disturbing for some of the customers when we call them.



We are living in era of internet. Most of the people spent their much time on online. So Digital marketing has more importance than other marketing method. Digital marketing means marketing our business through internet and digital media.


Digital marketing platform include:

  • social medias like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
  • Blogs
  • paid pop up
  • promotional add





  • Easy to monitor
    • You do not need to wait weeks and month for the result. In digital marketing you can easily track and measure your result. While in traditional marketing you have to wait weeks or month to get the results. You will get the instant results from the audience through social media.

    • Reduced cost

    • Compared to the traditional marketing digital marketing is cost effective.Social media provide a affordable platforms for advertising when compared to conventional advertising methods.
    • Higher exposure

      you will get a global exposure through digital marketing. Compared with the traditional marketing ,through digital marketing we are connecting with the people all over the wold. It will give you a global exposure. By connecting with audience globally will help you to reach to the most targeted customers.

    • Easy analytics

      You can easily analyse your online marketing through any available analysing tool. Through analysing you can understand what working and what isn’t working for the marketing. So that you can make improvements in you marketing.

    • Higher engagement

      In traditional marketing you can not instantly interact with the target audience. You need to wait for their responds. But digital marketing allows you to engage with your audience. Through this interaction you can build a trust among them. Because it will help you to turn a visitor into customer.

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