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Activity Scheduling and Follower adding in Odoo 11

scheduling activity in odoo 11

ajay krishnaFeb. 11, 2020

scheduling activity in odoo

Scheduling activity in odoo 11 is something you do. In odoo, scheduling activity means assigning any activity to a person that may be a task also.Can create the activities in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) app.


In this, schedule activities are based on your sales scripts like calls,meetings,mailing,and quotations.Then, get all information you need,directly on the opportunities like website pages viewed, mail received etc...



activity scheduling


Then, go to the CRM in activity scheduling


channel of activity scheduling


Select any task for creating Activity.

selection of activity


Here, we can see a Schedule activity button on the bottom of the task,

Click Schedule activity->

activity process in odoo

 Enter the details,

  • Activity (Email,Call,Meeting,etc)

  • Summary

  • Due Date

  • Assigned To(Can assign a specific person for this activity)

  • Text area


Then Click


We can see the activity on the bottom of the task,


When the activity is done click Mark Done-> Then the activity will deleted.

If the activity is overdue,the green color change to red.

Therefore, activity scheduling is a technique for configure work with odoo easiness of things. Moreover, the activity can be schedule with odoo to do things with no delay we can setup things that are need to publish on the time when we need. However, that we consider as the proper person who do all his activity on a daily basis. With the help of Odoo, we made it easier. We hope you understood the working of scheduling activity in odoo.



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