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  • Optimize cost and service levels.

  • Improve customer satisfaction

  • Real time queue monitoring

  • Real time queue monitoring

  • Improve service quality.

  • Manage customer queues.

  • Boost staff productivity.

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The Wait Is Over..... Experience Our Queue Management System

The queue management software helps you to get rid of your wastage of time and makes everything easier when you go to a Hospital, Bank, government sectors, public service sectors, Schools, colleges, public transport sectors, airports and many other service sectors. Give Us a Call to find out more about the queue management software which best suits your business.


Odoo Queue Management

Technaureus developed a QMS which is built on Odoo. Hence, it is completely integrated with all modules of Odoo. This helps to maintain all the benefits of odoo along with QMS. Moreover, provide a single solution for the entire enterprise. Odoo Queue Management System gathers information about services, customers, and their wait time. It is very helpful when the crowd is immense and uncontrollable. The analytics in QMS helps in identifying the key areas that are in need of improvement.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

♥ Real-time notifications
♥ Reduces queue length, as well as perceived and actual wait times thus improving customer satisfaction.
♥ Organizes your lines and enforces business rules – appointments, priorities and so forth.
♥ Providing Self-Service Kiosks
♥ Cultivating refined customer experiences
♥ Enables performance and service level analysis, thus helping management streamline customer service and reduce operation costs.
♥ Integrates with different platforms

♥  Queue Management Software

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