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What is Internal Transfer In Odoo 11 Multi Company Environment ?

Odoo11 multicompany internal transfer

Sahdiya MammoottyDec. 16, 2019

Internal transfer in odoo 11 multi-company Environment

Internal transfer in multi-company environment means transfer stock from one company to another or a company within itself. In a multi-company environment, every company has its own warehouse. Odoo ERP provides excellent management of multi-warehouses and also multi-location in each warehouse. In this blog we will discuss in detail Odoo11 multicompany internal transfer.


muti company environment

For the access of inter and internal stock transfer, first we have to enable the multi company from the general setting. Either enable their common product catalog or set the user to allow the companies where the transfer is wanted.

internal stock transfer


Internal transfering


Internal Stock Transfer

If we didn't set either of them; transfer stock in the inter company never happened.

For transferring stock from one company WH to another company WH :

First go to inventory(where the product lies-company)

Inventory (company wants to transfer a pdct from ) → transfer → create a transfer

From addition info select operational type as internal transfer. And then select source and destination location .

Note : Destination location should be virtual location/ inter company transfer

Internal stock transfering


From operation add which products you want to move from it.

After validate, product move to virtual location .

For receiving; go to that company(which company wanna receive that product inventory module;

Inventory (company wants to receive pdct ) → transfer → create a transfer

Internal transfer in multi-company environment means transfer stock from one company to another or a company within itself. So, in a multi-company environment, E

Internal transfering of stock


Here note that source location should be virtual location/inter company transit

And destination location is where you want to keep stock.

Internal transfer within the company work flow is same as inter company transfer. The main difference is that there should be enable multiple warehouses in the general setting and then create another warehouse from warehouses in inventory module.

And while transferring stock source and destination location depends but while transferring destination should be virtual location and while receiving source location should be virtual.

Product moves after an internal transferring.

Multi company internal transfering


Finally , the current stock in both warehouses after an internal transferring (inventory report).

Multi company internal transfer

So, we hope the blog help in understanding what is internal transfer In Odoo11 Multicompany Environment.


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