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Social Media Marketing


Anisha M JosephMarch 4, 2019

Miracle Begins With Social Media Sites

In the present world, can you guess how much time an ordinary man spend on social media??? The answer will be something interesting. Many global reports documented that, Social media swallows more than a half of time spent online and a third of all internet usage is now happening via mobile. There for social media marketing is the best medium for marketing in the world. No other option can replace this. Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to connect with your audience to build your brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic.

Social media marketing is an efficient marketing strategy, here the marketers can promote their products by using the awesome features in each social media very effectively. As a result, listing of social media platform is quite difficult, because that much number of it are available as popular or unpopular. However Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snap chat are still in the top of the hierarchy. Usually people use these social networks to connect with their friends. But they also use it to follow the brands they like for latest offers or updates and also for getting the updates of the present world. In addition, social Media help us to participate in social networking.

Instead of direct marketing now a days marketers simply focus on virtual marketing. Their purpose is to bring traffic towards website or their product pages through social media sites.


It is a similar concept like search engine optimization. Implementation of Social Media Optimization (SMO) strategy can give a great boost to your business. Traditional methods of calling and mailing for marketing is no longer popular. Social accounts play a vital role while they approaches the business firms. Thus, most SMO strategies also contain CRM that helps a company respond to their consumers in real time.

While there are free choices under SMO, for example, blogging, forum positing, social media updates etc., Paid choices are also there to reach the targeted audience.. As a result, these can be accomplished through Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, StumbleUpon Ads, YouTube promotions and so on. All you need is to choose the best Digital marketing company who can help you to achieve your goals effectively.

Steps to success in social media marketing An Odoo ERP implementation partner.

1. Choose the best social networks for your business

Social media sites are the cost effective strategy for marketing, regardless of the age, area, community and provide excellent entertainment and customer service for it’s listeners. There is something need to be considered while choosing the social media sites for your brand or business promotion. There is a chance of confusion while choosing social media sites because plethora of sites are growing every day...

While figuring out which channels to use, you should think about your clients and your business. It's vital that you start accounts on the platforms your target audience uses, so they can find you easily. Make a research to figure out what social media sites your audience uses, and after that use them as well.

Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, TwitterWhatsApp, Instagram, Reddit, MySpace, ScoopIt are some of them.

2. Understand how your customers make decisions

The buyers engagement with your brand ultimately helping you to improve your social media ROI. Similarly, if you became successful in taking your customer in your hand, simply it can say, your business is successful. Understand the day to day trends and those who follows it efficiently can easily capture the mind set of audience.

3. Keep engagement & sharing consistently

Firstly, you have to effectively engage with your listeners. This can include commenting, mentions,consistent posting, shares, likes etc and give a relaxing user experience by giving feedback and remarks. The updated social media profiles of your company makes you really updated and bring customers to you.

4. Provide importance for content marketing.

Content marketing is one of the main factors which makes a company unique from others. That is to say, relevancy and originality of a content is the backbone or the image of your brand or business.

But you may still be wondering, why the content marketing is that much important????

  • It can Improve brand reputation by building trust.
  • For improving the SEO of your site, more optimized content is essential.
  • Creating great content is a cost-effective way to bring the traffic towards your site.
  • Accurate content will definitely helps to build relationships with customers.
  • Content marketing helps you set yourself apart from contenders.
  • It helps the customers to understand your brand better.

5. Measure the progress of your social media marketing strategy

It’s always an effective thing in the success of a business that, to measure the progress of your implemented strategy. There is no much use, if you just concentrated on the implementation of new techniques, along with that you have to monitor your progress level. Moreover, plenty of tools are available online to measure your website success level and even the others strategy of success. Google Analytics, Alexa, clicky, Search Console, Quantcast are few of them.

You should frequently check the following things:

  • The number of "likes" on your Facebook company page and posts
  • Followers on Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Whether Views, Likes and Subscribers on YouTube channel is increasing / not
  • Visitors to your blog in various blog posting sites
  • Have connections on all social profiles
  • Check Whether the followers increasing/not
  • Post Views, Shares, Likes, Comments etc. on all social platforms
  • Changes in the competitors strategy
  • Our profile is updated or not

6. Build or join Social Media Communities and maintain it

Managing and strengthening your social media community help you to reach high. Moreover, while viewing your connections and capacity customers trust will also increase.

First, understand that networks normally encourage more engagement. If you have a group of users who feel like they can get along, and a mechanism for engagement, for example a forum or publicly posed question, you’ll have many followers making an effort to engage with one another. As a result, each act of engagement brings your users closer to your brand, and serves as another brand-related post submitted to the online world, which build your visibility and attracts more users to your profiles. There are many platforms which have options to build groups or communities. It is really useful for sharing our products or company updates frequently.

Few of them are here:

In conclusion, social media marketing can definitely increase the success rate of your business. Business in the present world is ruled by clients and their demands. People want to see referrals, reviews over Google search results, or a site before purchasing an item. To remain by the stream, we have to realise what individuals think about us. You have to effectively take an interest in relevant networks to interface and influence masses. ?Thus, you have to engage with social media platforms to maintain your online reputation. In short, social media marketing is a must factor to focus on a more customer and explore your business.

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