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Salon And Spa Industry

Salon And Spa Industry

Sachana ChandranSept. 17, 2019

ODOO ERP For Salon And Spa Industry


The beauty industry is an ever growing and competitive in the market. Know how Odoo ERP can encourage business growth and also smoothen business process with effective solutions. This customer based industry is growing rapidly. Therefore, its important to improve the service quantity. ODOO ERP software also helps salon and spa industry experts to automate offline works more easily.

The major feature by the Odoo ERP software for beauty salon and spa management is online booking facility, inventory management, customer relationship facility and also the traceability feature. It encourages better business service and rapid growth in market. In addition, every work can be automate and done using the software for salon and spa management.


Inventory Management

In salon and spa industry inventory management become crucial. This is because there are lots of product use at same time, to keep the track of product. Manage the expired product in scrap section. Assign barcode for each product.



Booking Online Appointment

Customers now prefer online booking and this is possible using the Odoo ERP software for salon and spa management. This help to reduce the rush at the workplace, queues at the counters. All these factors can be avoid by an online booking facility. That is, by sending automated email or messages as per customer appointment dates makes customer more satisfied. So, Odoo ERP for salon and spa management add advantages to booking facility, reschedule appointments with date availability, selection of resources etc.


Human Resource Management

Human resource management is very much important. Each employee will be skilled on a particular work. So they shall be assign to that work only. This can be done by setting the employee category in the Odoo ERP software for beauty management. By using the Odoo ERP software the beautician for a particular work can be assign to the right customer. Hence, the normal HR works can be carry out by the Odoo ERP .


Point of sales

Point of sales makes all the retail transaction efficient. Since this module is parameters driven daily sales of products,delivery of products and invoice can keep track of all the account entries in the appropriate accounts.


  • Maintain sale transaction,invoice,report,retail management and taxes.
  • Allocate the discount, loyalty cards, with POS to set of regular customer.
  • Mixed payment method.
  • Keep track of payment and dues of regular customer.



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