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Project Management In Odoo


Muhammed NizarudheenJan. 25, 2019

In Odoo OpenERP, a project is said to be a set of assignments to be completed. The Odoo project management ERP  module gives an efficient solution for sort out a task and monitors advancements. This application is intended to be easy to understand and connect with other Odoo modules including Sales, Invoicing, Mailing, and e-signature, reducing time spent on information entry. Moreover, it Schedules exercises, considering any planned staff non attendances and other live projects with the simple intuitive project manager. In this different views are designed to fit your own needs: work on tasks and issues using the kanban view; schedule tasks in the Gantt view (enterprise); control deadlines in the calendar view. As a result, this feature gives an increasingly precise and complete due date for upcoming projects required. Using this you can effectively oversee task for client projects just as our help issues in real time.

Project management module in Odoo helps to handle all your projects in a simple way. It is agile, social, flexible and real time. It is easy to track the status of each and every task. Things are more organized and much more visible with it. Tasks can be divided into many sub tasks and can be assigned to different employees. In addition, you can use the calendar, which reminds the deadline of each task.  Moreover, you can assign priority to the visibility of these tasks. Projects are shown in the kanban view which is much more attractive.

Thus, you can create a new project either from dashboard or projects. The below-shown page is the dashboard. You can see all the currently running projects on the dashboard.

Firstly, Projects module >Create:

create a new project from dashboard

You need to give a project name. You can set a project manager from the users. Larger projects can be divided into many sub tasks which makes it simpler. The visibility of the task is possible to set in three different ways.

  • On invitation only.
  • Visible by all employees.
  • Visible by following customers.

You can also enable or disable Customer(s) Ratings:

enable or disable Customer Ratings

You can open chat by setting the email address. Access right permission is possible to set to the chat:

open chat by setting the email address

Tasks can assign to a project. Below shown are lists of tasks under the project Research & Development. As a result, you can assign a status to these tasks. By clicking 'Add a new column' you can define a new stage. The usage of star is for the task related to the gold customers. Also, you can define stages by using colours. Further, the user can define colors according to their wish:

Tasks can be assigned to a project for project management

We can add details of the task by using >Description. We can also add sub-task by clicking on the >Sub-tasks:

add details of the task

The usage of time sheet is for adding the required time to complete a given task. We can update the taken time to the time sheets. The progress bar will show the progress based on the time used:

add the required time to complete a given task

In addition, extra information such as Sequence, Customer, Email, Watchers Emails, Parent Task, Assigning date, Deadline etc can added to the Extra Info:

Extra information can be added for project management in Odoo

Following are the sub-task of the task User meeting of the project  Research & Development:

sub-task of the task

A task analysis is on the basis of different measures. You can do this by using >Measures.

Moreover, it is possible to display reports with three different graphs.

The following figure shows the bar chart representation of all the projects:

Graphifical representation of task report

The below diagram shows the line chart representation:

line chart representation of the task

The pie chart representation:

pie chart representation of task

The customer can see the status of the projects moreover they can also add the ratings to the project:

customer can see and edit the status of the projects

The user can create the Activity Types according to the requirements. To create activity types

go to >Activity Types >Create :   

create the Activity Types according to the requirements of Odoo project management

The user can create the Tags according to the requirements.

To create Tags go to >Tags >Create:

create the Tags according to the requirements in Odoo Project Management.

In short, we hope that you understood the concept of Project Management In Odoo !!! As a top odoo erp partner we can help to solve various modules of odoo & here we hope you understood how the Project Management work with odoo.


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