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Payroll and Payslip in Odoo

Payroll and Payslip in Odoo

Sahdiya MammoottyAug. 19, 2019


A payroll may be a company's list of its employees, but the term is usually used to refer to:

  • The total amount of cash that a corporation pays to its employees
  •  A company's records of its employee's salaries and wages, bounces, and withheld taxes.
  • The company's department that calculates funds and pays these.

A Payslip may be a small document, included with an employee's wage or salary, giving details of cash earned and tax and insurance paid

Basically Payroll is an employee list of the corporate and Payslip is that the paper saying what proportion you earned, what proportion taxes taken out, etc.


Payroll management in Odoo provides you the simplest and straightforward way to manage your employees payslips and also contracts associated with particular employee. Various Salary Rules and Salary Structures can defined for every employee. Pay roll management is integrated with other odoo module Employee.

By default Payroll isn’t triggered in Odoo. In an ODOO payroll is an other module need to triggered manually. To Activate payroll and payslip in odoo;


After triggering payroll automatically trigger employee module and leaves module. Here we can create and manage  an employee list of the company, their contract,leaves etc.. and based on the data in the employee list payslip generated automatically.


  • Successfully manage your employees
  • Track time & attendance
  • Leave management
  • Automatic payslip generation


In odoo v11 payslip generate automatically. To generate the payslip for every employee we've got to configure their contracts first. If an employee has an active contract, payslips can be generated. This contract specifies the essential pay, working schedules, duration, and other related details. Employees can have one or more contracts, but while generating the payslips, active one or the most recent one are going to be taken.

To generate a payslip for the employee; firstly, we have got to line up the contract with salary structure. The salary structure is the record of the set of rules and these structures can be inheritor utilise for other contracts. Hence, the salary structure are often included with one or more salary rules, which these rules specify the particular computation must be done while generating payslip. It is possible to done these configurations under the payroll settings. Thus, using salary structure, salary rules menu, you will be able to  create structures and rules.

Employee Payslip in Odoo

ODOO payroll module also supports the generation of payslip as batches. So we can include one or more employees or category wise batches. The mass creation of payslip for a group of employees can achieved through this scenario.

Contract: Employees with active contracts are valid to get pay slips. Thus, contracts can accessed under Employees main menu.

Employee Contract

Contract creations are under employee module. Here we can create contract with contract type. Thus, here we will specify the wage per month and choose which type of contract type.

Where within the contract type, we specify the salary structure, Basic Wage, Duration, Working Schedule and Scheduled pay. Moreover, for accounting part, we will select the salary Journal, which may be a mandatory field on the payslip. After filling Contract form, we will see the status as running which suggests this can be active. That can  done by clicking on the status button on the header.

Salary structure: It is the set of some rules which can be used for computing the payslip. Thus, it can use a single structure for particular departments, or for other categories. Salary structures can be inherited so we are able to use extra rules for particular employees.

Salary Structure

Salary rule: The set of rules which define the computation of salary amount of various category. That can be of Basic, Allowance, Deduction, Gross, Net. Thus, we can specify here the sequence of the rule which displayed on the payslip, unique code, that can be used for future calculations.

Payslip: If an employee is under a running contract then we can generate payslip for those employees and hence the payslip will calculated according to the selected salary structure in the contract. After generating payslip it can exported as pdf which are often of  rule wise report and easy payslip report. Managers/Officers can approve payslip and while confirming payslip will generate its related journal entry on accounts. These can further used for payment by account adviser or manager. To integrate payslip with Accounts module we will have to enable under configurations.

Payslip can be created under Employee payslips menu.which can be seen within the right of the window.

Payroll employee payslip

Payslip batches: We can generate payslip for a batch of employees. Which enabled under the Payslips batches menu. You can create payslip as batches using this feature.

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