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Odoo Website Live Chat

Odoo Website Live Chat

AdhithSept. 28, 2019

Website Live Chat In Odoo

Website Live chat offers personalized customer experience, better brand interaction, a competitive edge, and a way to feel your customers pulse.

Implementing website live chat solution for your business is beneficial for all customer journeys and also across your marketing, sales, and customer support teams.

Install Live chat In Odoo

To install live chat :

modules->live chat

instal-live chat

Start Live Chat

Go to the live chat and create a new live chat for your website. This is nothing but you will be providing an interface for your customer order. Clients when they access your website and if they have any feedback or complaints take they can have live chat providing name of website as

start-live chat

If you are new to website just copy and paste this code as a HTML with the header tag here you can also provide additional rule information and save the changes or copy this URL and send it by email to your customers or suppliers.

For website built with Odoo CMS, please install the website_livechat module.

Then go to Website Admin > Configuration > Settings and select the Website Live Chat Channel you want to add on your website.

Channel Rules

Channel Rules define rules for your live support channel. You can apply an action (disable the support, automatically open your support, or just make the button available) for the given URL, and per country.
To identify the country, GeoIP must be installed on your server. Otherwise, the countries of the rule will not be taken into account.


To add website to dashboard

To add website to dashboard, go to:

favorites->Add to my Dashboard

So that each and every employee can track on it.

Now go to the dashboard and view the changes.


After that you can simply log out and live chat will appear at the bottom right corner.


Here we can see the default one.


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