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Odoo Subscription Module

Odoo subscription module

AswinJan. 9, 2021

Odoo is a business management software, which supports all kinds of business communication platform. Using Odoo Subscription module a customer can simply handle subscription for his products. The subscription business model is a business model in which a customer pay a recurring price at regular intervals for access to a product.

This blog will explains how to use Odoo Subscription module. Odoo Subscription module is an enterprise version. Here I am explaining this module with the user Administrator who can access all the models.

Subscription Dashboard:

Subscription Dashboard

To sell a Subscription.

You can follow the steps to sell a Subscription:

    1. Create Subscription Products
    2. Create Subscription Template
    3. Create Quotation Template

To activate a Subscription we need to create a ‘Subscription Product’ first, then create a ‘Subscription Template’. Later, assign this Subscription template to the Subscription Product.

Then, In Sales, we have to create a ‘Quotation Template’ to sell the subscription.

Subscription Product:

Go-to > Subscriptions > Subscriptions > Subscription Products > Create

Subscription Product

Here, you can fill in the basic details and under the Sales tab, there is a Subscription section. Under that, you have a Subscription product that has to be enabled so that when you confirm the sales order with the same product, it will create a subscription. Here if we untick the ‘Can be Purchased’ checkbox, this can’t be purchased. If we are creating the product from the inventory, it will be automatically done if we tick the ‘Subscription Product’ checkbox.

We can assign this product to a ‘Subscription Template’.

Subscription Template: 

Go-to > Subscriptions > Configuration > Subscription Template > Create

Subscription Template

Invoicing period: Repeat Every Day/Week/Month/Year.

Closable by the customer: If checked, the user can close their payment from the website.

This Subscription Template can be assigned to different Subscription products


Quotation Template:

To create a ‘Quotation Template’, enable ‘Quotation Templates’ in the settings.

Go-to > Sales > Configuration > Settings

Quotation Template

Then we can create Quotation Templates.

Go-to > Sales > Configuration > Sale Orders > Quotation Template

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Quotation expires after: The displayed number of days that template is valid and then enter the items under Lines section as per your requirement. You can add the ‘Subscription Products’ which is already assigned to the ‘Subscription Template’.

Also you can add the suggested products in the Suggested Products section.

If the ‘Quotation Template’ is created then we can sell the subscription.

Sell the Subscription:

We want to create a sale order for selling the subscription.

Go-to > Sales > Orders > Quotations

Sell the Subscription

In the sales Quotation, there is a new field ‘Quotation Template’. So that we can select the quotation template from here. Then the corresponding Products of the selected quotation template will be added to the Order Line.

Now we can save this Quotation and Confirm the Quotation.

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If the Quotation is confirmed, a new subscription will be created. By clicking the ‘Customer Preview’ smart button, we can see the created Subscription from the website.

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You can create a Subscription directly from the Subscription App.

Go-to > Subscriptions > Subscriptions > Subscriptions > Create

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Save and Start the Subscription.

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The Subscription is created successfully. Now you can Renew the Subscription periodically.

In case, you want to close the Subscription then click the close button and give a reason and Submit.

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