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Odoo Point of Sale (POS) Solutions


Abhishek M.SFeb. 22, 2019

POS stands for Point of Sale. It is the place where people buy and sell. Odoo Point of Sale is fully integrated with the Inventory and the Accounting apps. POS solutions are various. POS system is a tool to do transactions. So, basically, it is the combination of hardware and software to create a complete transaction process. The heart of the business is Point of sale system. POS supports both online and offline operations. This blog explain on how to get started with Odoo Point of Sale and the resulted POS solutions.

Crucial POS Hardware

  • Screen(Monitor)

POS Hardware-screen, one of an odoo POS Solutions

  • Bar code reader

POS Hardware -Barcode reader, One of an odoo POS Solutions

  • Credit card reader

Credit card reader, one of an odoo POS Solutions

  •  Receipt printer

Reciept printer, one of an odoo POS Solutions

  • Cash drawer

Cash drawer, one of an odoo POS Solutions


Configurations in Odoo

First, install the POS module from Apps.

Settings ->Activate developer mode ->Apps -> Search POS module ->Click Install.

install POS module for getting odoo POS Solutions

We can see the Point of scale on the navbar. While clicking on it, we can see it as shown below:-

Point of scale on the navbar is a part of odoo POS Solutions

Then create products available in the Point of Sale.

Click Product -> Create -> Enter the details ->Save.

products available in the odoo POS Solutions

To configure a new payment method

Payment -> Create.

Creating new payment method for odoo POS Solutions

After setup, a name and the type of payment method, go to the point of sale tab and activate the payment method in Point of Scale.

 activate the payment method for odoo POS Solutions

Once your payment methods are created, you can decide in which Point of Sale you want to make them available in the Point of Sale configuration.

Configure your Point of Sale

Configure odoo POS Solutions

Create a new Point of Sale session

Point of sale -> Create.

Create new Point of Sale session for odoo POS Solutions

After entering the details please select the operation type, then save.

Now you are ready to make your first sale through the PoS.

first sale through the PoS

How to make your first order?

On the dashboard, we can see New Session. Click New Session ->

Creation of first order for odoo POS Solutions

You can see the PoS interface. It will show you the list of products on the right side. Click on a product to add the product to the cart. You can set the accurate quantity or weight using the keyboard.

View of PoS interface

Once the order is completed click on Payment. You can select the customer payment method.

Selecting the customer payment method

After that procedure, click on Cash(INR).


After entering the cash, click Validate.
You will redirected to receipt screen and take a print out and go for another order or close the PoS session.

Printing the reciept screen in odoo POS Solutions


How to close the PoS session?

Click on the close button that appears on the top right corner and confirm. Then close the session from the dashboard,

close the session from the dashboard

you can see a summary of all transactions.

summary of all transactions

If everything is correct, you can validate the PoS session and post the closing entries.

validate the PoS session and post the closing entries.

In conclusion, now you closed your POS session and can see some details of closing. There are a number of POS solutions available in market. But Odoo POS solutions are efficient and excellent interface to handle the sale. Technaureus developed many odoo pos apps for our pos solution seekers in Restaurant, Spa or saloon, Hyper markets etc.

As a top odoo erp partner we can help to solve various modules of odoo & here we hope you understood how Point of Sales work with odoo.


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