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Odoo 13 Restaurant POS Orderline Notes

Odoo 13 Restaurant POS

ajay krishnaMay 25, 2020

In Odoo 13 Point of Sale, Restaurant have the Orderline Notes feature. By this feature the customer’s can order the food items and also add the suggestion about the food at the same time. Suppose a customer like more salty food,then he can tell suggestion at the order time. So the restaurant employee pass this to the kitchen by Orderline Notes. It is useful for both restaurant employees and for the customers. In this blog we will discuss about Odoo13 POS Orderline Notes for restaurant.


To enable the Orderline feature, activate the Orderline Notes option in the Point of Sale Configuration.

Point of Sale->Configuration->Point of Sale->

Restaurant Configuration POS

Open the Restaurant-> to activate the Orderline Notes feature.


 Restaurant POS Orderline Notes

We can see the Orderline Notes option in the POS Interface menu.

Put tick mark on the feature and Save-> the changes.


Then go to the POS Dashboard.

Point of Sale->Dashboard->

Odoo 13 POS Orderline Notes

Click the New Session-> to open the restaurant session.


Restaurant POS Orderline Notes

Select the food items and if the customer have any suggestion about a food item then select the item and click the Note-> button to add notes.


Odoo POS Orderline Notes

Write the notes and click Ok-> to save it.


Odoo13 POS Orderline Notes

Then the note will visible on the food item. This can help to the cook for preparing that item and also he can’t forget the customer’s suggestion. Hope you understood Odoo13 POS Orderline Notes clearly.



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