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Odoo 13 POS Session for Employee Login

Odoo 13 POS Session

ajay krishnaJan. 24, 2020

In Odoo 13 POS, many employees can work with the session. Employees can login to the POS session before starting. So multi employees can work on session. After the session, we can see the report of the sale with the employee name. This blog explain in detail about the Odoo 13 Employee Login.

An odoo implementation company in Bahrain

Apps->Point of Sale->Install->

Odoo 13 POS app install


After installation go to :
Menu->Point of Sale->

Odoo 13_pos_dashboard


Select the three dot icon button and then go to the Settings->



Activate the Login with Employees option and then add employees. By adding the employees means the admin is giving permission to employees to login.

After saving the settings go to Point of Sale->

Odoo 13 pos dashboard

Select the New Session-> to start the session.

We have two options here :
• Scan your badge(id)
• Select Cashier

Odoo 13_pos_session

Select the Select Cashier->



Select cashier from the list. Then the order window will appear on the screen.



Select Payment Option

We can see the cashier’s name on the top right side of the window. Select the Customer, Products and Quantity then select the Payment->

payment_option_Odoo13 POS Employee Login

Select the Payment method(Cash/Bank). Enter bill amount and click the Validate-> button.


Odoo13 POS Employee Login next order detailed reciept

Here we can see the detailed receipt and it contain the name of the cashier.
Select Next Order->


session_unblock_in_Odoo13 POS Employee Login

Then, click the unlock symbol button present on the top right of the screen to exit the session screen.


Odoo 13 log in to shop

In this window we can select another Cashier or we can Close this session.

Close Session->

The POS Dashboard will appear on the screen.

Odoo13 POS Employee Login close session

Close-> to finish the session.

validate close session in Odoo13 POS Employee Login

Then, Validate and close the session by clicking Validate Closing & Post Entries->

session _orders_Odoo13 POS Employee Login

Click the Orders-> button to see the orders of that session.

session details in Odoo13 POS Employee Login

Now, here we can see :

  • Order date
  • Receipt number
  • Customer
  • Cashier
  • Total amount

In short, we hope this blog help you to understood about the Odoo 13 POS Employee Login.


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