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Odoo 13 Multi Company Navigation

Odoo 13 Multi Company Navigation

ajay krishnaJan. 10, 2020

Odoo have inbuilt option Multi Company Navigation. In this we can see an option present on the screen to select admin’s multi companies. Admin can do work on a specific company by selecting that or he can do his work on all companies by selecting all at a time. That is, admin can see report, sales, purchase etc of all companies in a single screen. In this blog, we discuss about the Odoo 13 Multi Company Navigation.

Create New Company

Menu->Settings->General Settings->Companies->

Create new company in multi company navigation

Select Manage Companies->

odoo 13_manage_company

Here we can see all companies.

To create a new company select Create->

Create new company in Odoo 13 multi company navigation

And then, enter the details and Save->

Thereafter go to Menu->Sales->Quotations->


We can see some quotation in My Company(UK)

Click the My Company-> Option to change the company :

My company option in Odoo 13

Select My Company(India)->

To create a quotation in this new company(India),

Click Create->

Create quotation in new company in Odoo 13

Enter the quotation details and Save-> it. And then select Quotations->

Enter the quotation details in Odoo 13

So we can see our new quotation.

If we want to see all quotations of our entire company,

Go to Select My Company(India)-> Put tick mark on all companies.

Select_all_company_In_Odoo13 Multi Company Navigation

So now, we can see all quotations.

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