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Odoo 13 Manufacturing


Neenu RobinNov. 27, 2019

In Odoo 13, Manufacturing module is enhance with the addition of a new feature call MRP - Subcontracting.

MRP Subcontracting

Odoo 13 MRP Subcontracting

This features allows companies to subcontract some work in the Manufacturing process to some Third Parties. We can generate Purchase Orders for subcontracting services, raw material delivery order to supplier and receipt for subcontracting component product from its BOM automatically on the confirmation of Manufacturing Order of the final product.

While generating a BOM, there is an option to choose BOM type as Sub-contracting.

An odoo implementation company in Calicut

subcontracting in BOM Type


BOM Structure

In Odoo 12, BOM structure contains an option for BOM cost. It shows only the quantity and BOM cost.

BOM cost in BOM structure

Whereas in Odoo 13, BOM structure has no option for BOM Cost.

Google Slide Attachment

In Odoo 13, when adding operations in Routing, there is an option to attach google slides. Odoo 12 comes with an option to attach PDF documents only.

Google slide attachment in Odoo 13 Manufacturing


Alternative Work-center

In Odoo 13, there is an option to add an alternative work-center when creating a work-center. Alternative work-centers can be substitute the original one in order to dispatch the production.

Alternative workcenter in Odoo 13 Manufacturing

In Odoo 12, there is no option to add an alternative work-center.


Group by BOM Type

In Odoo 13, Bill Of Material is group default by BOM type.

Odoo 13 Manufacturing groupby BOM type


Start Next Operation in Routing Operation

In Odoo 13, while adding operations in routing, there is an option to select start next operation.

start next operation in routing

This option helps to start the next operation in routing while some products are still processing in the first operation. By default the field value is to start the next operation once all products have complete processing.


Routing Operation time Computation

In Odoo 12, we can set the operation by default system calculation. Odoo calculates the default operation time considering the time it taken for previous Manufacturing Orders.

Odoo 12 system calculation operation

Odoo 13 don’t have that feature.

start next operation in routing

Planned Date

In Odoo 13, planned date is calculated automatically. If the BOM have routing associated with it, planned date will be the sum of the operation time given for each operation. If the BOM has no routing we can set the Planned date.

Odoo 13 Manufacturing planned date



In Odoo 13, a stock valuation button will be available for finished Manufacturing Orders. This button will show the value of the product and the components.

Valuation in Odoo 13 Manufacturing


Components cost in valuation

Export All button

The export all button helps to export the details in XLSX format.

Export all button in Odoo 13 Manufacturing

Attachment Count

In Odoo 13, the attachment count of docs that is attach to the components of the BOM will be shown.

attachment count in Odoo 13 Manufacturing

Odoo 12 will not show the opportunities count.


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