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Odoo 13 Inter Company Rules

Odoo 13 Inter Company Rules

Vismaya RajanSept. 29, 2020

Inter company rules in Odoo 13 is mainly use to manage transfers between multiple companies. This will ease the process of buying and selling of products and services between different companies. Odoo will help you to handle the inter company movements from the first to last based on the inter company rules.

We will see how inter company rules are implementing in Odoo 13:

First we have to enable Inter company transactions option in general settings. Then we can see several options for selecting the mode of inter company transactions.

Settings->Multi company-> Inter company transactions

Odoo 13 inter company rules

There are mainly three options. If we select the first one, then the companies does not synchronize with each other. The second option is when, if you only want to handle invoices/bills. Let’s see how it works :

Select the option : Synchronize invoices/Bills and save it in both companies.

Odoo 13 inter company rules


Odoo 13 inter company rules


In our company go to Accounting module :

Accounting-> customers-> invoices

Create new invoice and post it.

Odoo 13 invoice creation


Switch the company to company 2

Odoo 13 switch company.


Go to Accounting module :

Accounting-> Vendors-> Bills

Here we can see the invoice that were created in other company.

Odoo 13 invoice creation


Then post the bill

Bill posting

Then move to third option.Here the purchase orders and sales orders will be related. If our company creates a sales order, the corresponding purchase request will be automatically created for the other company. You have to check that everything is correct and confirm the sale.


Select the option : Synchronize sales/purchase order and save it.

sychronize sale or purchase order in Odoo 13

Sale-> Quotations


Create new quotation : When we creating new quotation make sure that the customer is the other company with whom we want to transfer the product. Then add the product details and confirm the sales order.

Quotation creation in Odoo 13


Then switch the company:

Odoo 13 inter company rules switching company


Go to general settings :

Synchronize sales order


Purchase-> orders-> Requests of quotations

Odoo 13 purchase order

Here we can see the request for the corresponding sales order that created by our company.

Then confirm the order and purchase the product.

Odoo 13 inter company rules confirm purchase order

This is the main concept of Odoo 13 inter company rules that is used in the transaction made with multiple companies.

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