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Odoo 13 Helpdesk Feature

Odoo 13 Helpdesk Feature

Anjali AjithMarch 3, 2020

ODOO, formerly known as OpenERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), is a platform that companies can use to easily manage the basics of the company such as materials and warehouse management, human resources, finance, accounting, sales and many other enterprise features. Help Desk module is basically for providing customers support and address the typical issues and queries they have. The Odoo Help Desk Module generates tickets by emails, or from a website form or any third party applications. Odoo also provides these tickets to be assigned manually or randomly between the team members. The module also allows you to assign priority to tickets based on their urgency. In this blog we discuss the Odoo 13 helpdesk feature.

One need to install the Helpdesk module in Odoo 13 to use it’s features.

Following are some features in Odoo Help Desk.

  • You can create tickets,assign the priority and give enough tags to define the ticket.
  • One can create different teams for different purposes.
  • Create different stages,assign it to certain teams in Help Desk
  • At each stage employees can block or make task/issue ready for next stage. You can define here labels that will be displayed for the state instead of the default labels.
  • You can also add a description to help your coworkers understand the meaning and purpose of the stage
  • Create and manage the Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • A service level agreement is a contract between you and your customers .


Creating a ticket

By default, Odoo Helpdesk comes with a team installed called “Support”.

Click on Ticket to create a new Ticket. One can also assign a ticket after creating a new team.

Odoo 13 Helpdesk Feature

Once tickets have been created , your employees can start working on them. If you have selected a manual assignation method then your employees will need to assign themselves to tickets using the “Assign To Me” button on the top left of a ticket or by adding themselves to the “Assigned to” field.

Odoo 13 Helpdesk Feature

→If a ticket cannot be resolved or is blocked, you can adjust the “Kanban State” on the ticket. You have 3 options:

  • Grey - Normal State
  • Red - Blocked
  • Green - Ready for next stage

Like the urgency stars you can adjust the state in the Kanban or on the Ticket form.

Odoo 13 Helpdesk Feature

Creating a Team

→You can create a new team by following the path :

Configuration --> Help Desk Teams--> Create

Odoo 13 Helpdesk Feature

→You can also modify the existing teams by clicking on them and Edit

→Here you can create new teams, decide what team members to add to this team

add team members.

→Your customers can submit tickets by following methods. Tick the check box to enable the option.

Odoo 13 Helpdesk Feature

→For the assignation method, you can have tickets assigned randomly, balanced, or manually.

assignation methods

→Set up SLA policies and ratings.

SLA policies

Creating new ticket type

Configuration --> Ticket Type--> Create

ticket type

Setting up of stages

Stages help in easy understanding of the status about a Ticket. One can easily navigate between the stages by dragging and dropping the cards of tickets.

Go to Help desk module,

Configuration --> Stages-->create

new stage

One can also create a stage from the kanban view of the overview board by clicking on the “+” sign next to each stage.

create stage

Creating new SLA policies

→SLA Policy is a contract between you and your customers that specifies performance measures for support by ticket priority.

→For example, we respond to urgent tickets related to bugs in two hours and resolve them within 36 hours.

→Go to Configuration --> SLA Policies -->create

SLA Policy

→You can set the SLA to be applied on which team, priority ,ticket type .

→You can also set the target time and stage in which the issue has to be solved .


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