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Odoo 13 Employee Recruitment

Employee Recruitment

ajay krishnaMarch 21, 2020

Odoo 13 Recruitment Process module helps to the overall process of attracting, shortlisting, selecting and appointing suitable candidates for jobs (either permanent or temporary) within an organization. The recruitment process is a stressfull job without the aid of a software. Odoo makes the recruitment process easily by ensuring feasible HR Process. Here we have recruitment plugins related to HR. Officers or managers can create and launch various job positions for recruitment and the users can also apply for that jobs. In this blog we discuss in detail about the Employee recruitment in Odoo 13.


Install the Recruitment Process app :
Apps->Recruitment Process->

Odoo employee recruitment process install

Go to :
Menu->Recruitment Process->
This is the main window of recruitment.

Odoo employee recruitment window

Create-> To create a new job opening.

create job position in Odoo employee recruitment

Enter Job Position and Job Email then click :
Create & Edit-> To add more information :

Odoo employee recruitment job position information

Enter the details :

  • Department:Select the department which we are creating the current position, using the selection list.
  • Job Location:Current Job Location where the candidate going to be recruited.
  • Recruitment Responsible:Usually responsible person for recruitment will be department head or manager.
  • Expected New Employees: Total number of employees need to be recruited.
  • Job Description:Description about the job.

Then click Save->

job positions

The job vacancy will display on the screen.
click Application(s)->

job positions applications

There are some columns,we can add new column to click
Add new Column->button for our needs.
Select Create-> to create new application.

job position application

We can add documents or any meetings in this page by clicking Meeting-> and Documents-> after that click Save-> to save the application.

Adding documents

Select Documents-> button then :

adding document in Odoo

Enter the name of the document,upload the document then,
Save the application.

Enter document details in employee recruitment process Odoo.

Then click Applications->

Odoo employee recruitment job positions applications

We can add the application to the created columns by dragging from one to another.

If the applicant’s pass the all interviews and he sign the Contract the, we can drag into the Contract Signed column.

Contract signed column in Odoo employee recruitment

Then click the application to select or reject the application.

select or reject applications

Click to Create Employee-> recruit the applicant as employee, or Refuse-> to reject the application.

Create Employee->

Then the applicant will be select as employee.

Create employee

Click Edit-> to give more information about the employee.

employee additional information

Select Save-> to save the details and go back to Job Positions->

job positions

If the recruitment is done then, click Recruitment Done->. Close the vacancy.

Recruitment done

Then the position was closed.


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