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Odoo 13 eCommerce Inventory Availability Status

Odoo 13 eCommerce Inventory

ajay krishnaApril 25, 2020

As we know Odoo ERP is a effective business management system that includes eCommerce development with which you can create a professional online store. In Odoo 13 eCommerce we can set the Availability status of Products. By this feature the customer can reassure whether it is available or out of stock. In this blog we discuss in detail about the Odoo 13 eCommerce Inventory Available Status.

To activate the Availability go to Website->Settings->


Activate the Inventory option to manage the availability of products.

Then, Save-> the settings.

Select the Menu->Products-> button to see the products on inventory.


Click Create-> to add a new product in the eCommerce Inventory.

website_product creation

Enter the details of the product such as Name,Price,etc then select the eCommerce-> option.


Select the website and select the Availability option. In this we have four options.

  • Sell regardless of inventory.
  • Show inventory on website and prevent sales if not enough stock.
  • Display inventory below a threshold and prevent sales if not enough stock.
  • Show product specific notification.

Select the option for our needs and Save->. Here we select the second option “Show inventory on the website and prevent sales if not enough stock”.

Then go to our Website eComerce.

website ecomerce

Click on the new product to see the availability status.

Odoo 13 eCommerce Inventory product

Here we can see the availability of the product as, “Temporarily out of stock” because this is new product we have zero quantity.

Odoo 13 eCommerce Inventory product_details

Suppose we have 10 quantities.

Then the availability status will look like “10 units available”.

Odoo 13 eCommerce Inventory website_product


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