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Odoo 13 Customization


Varsha SureshDec. 6, 2019

Odoo ERP

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a business process management software which allows an organization to manage their business. An ERP enables the automation of many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources. An Open Source ERP is a software system whose source code is available to all. Odoo(On-Demand Open Object) is an ERP with a comprehensive suite of business application which offers over thousands of modules. As we know that the Odoo/OpenERP is available in both cloud and on-site, it is most suited for small to mid-sized companies. Odoo consists of modules such as CRM, Sales, Human Resources, Project management, Warehouse management, Manufacturing, Financial management, Point of sale etc. Odoo, which has released its new version Odoo 13, comes with new attracting customization features.

In Odoo 13 Customization Services, the system is recreated with more productivity and efficiency to deliver highly personalized experience of using it. In addition, the Odoo customization has plenty of benefits. With more than a thousand downloads/installations per day, Odoo is one of the most used open source solution in the world. It has a dynamic community, is also flexible and can also be adapted as per your needs. Odoo can be easily customizable as per the requirements of the customers and the business work flow of the company. Odoo offers the facility of customizing the source code so as to meet the perfect business requirements and functionality.

odoo-13 Customization

Make Use of Odoo 13 Customization

With the release of Odoo 13, the open-source ERP has become all more fit and robust to meet the diversified needs of businesses. So, with Odoo 13, users can go along with better design and customization. An Enterprise Resource Planning must always be able to meet the customer requirements. Odoo Customization will provide a personalized experience in an application by focusing on the customers needs and ideas. Odoo 13 provides a fully functional package to meet up an enterprise requirement. But, there will always be an additional requirement by the customers. So, customization in Odoo becomes very crucial. Odoo 13 Customization is a service for the ones who are looking forward to make the customized ERP software according to their requirement.

Technaureus Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd., an Odoo ERP Implementation partner will meet the requirements of the customers by satisfying their additional needs. They can easily fill in the gaps by molding it with the customers requirement and there by setting the right strategy for fulfilling the functionalities. We offer quality customization services so that customers get the full advantage of using their application. Technaureus provides OpenERP customization and development in such a way that it can perfectly map with your business process. And moreover, very less customization effort to be done to get what you want.

Odoo 13 Customization


why odoo 13 customization ?

♥Improved User Interface and hence improved user experience.

♥Odoo provides a fully functional package to meet up any company’s requirement.

♥With Odoo 13 Customization you can assure for long term business software implementation for your business.

♥Along with Customization you can integrate your Odoo software with 3rd party software.

♥Odoo 13 Customization help in reducing the duplication of entries.

♥Odoo 13 Customization remove unnecessary fields and all other extra features that can confuse a user.

♥Customization can reduce the duplication of entries as well as removal of unnecessary fields.

♥Businesses can also gain unique identity with the help of Odoo customization.

An Odoo ERP implementation partner.

What Technaureus Offers….!!!!

♦Experienced Odoo developers and consultants.

♦High quality codding standards and also high deliverable.

♦Development of Odoo module with most efficient way.

♦Minimum cost required to upgrade Odoo Modules.

♦Personalized services.

♦Expert in all versions of Odoo.

♦Online Help-desk and also support tracking.

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