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Odoo 12 Multi UoM for a Product

Odoo 12 Multi UoM for a Product

Anjali AjithMarch 13, 2020

Odoo provide the business professionals to purchase the goods and sell the products in different unit of measures. In fact this different measuring scales help in saving time and easy remembrance of the purchase orders. Of course 59km will be easier to remember than 59000 meters. UoM is the actual Unit of Measurement of Product you are dealing with. And UoS is the Unit of Product in which you are selling the product. Multi UoM is the usage of the different units in a product during buying and selling. In this blog we discuss the Multi UoM for a single Product in Odoo 12.

Here we are going to create two units for a product. That is, for purchasing and selling. The purchase unit will be larger than selling unit.

In order to make changes in UoM, first enable the UoM :

Inventory-->Configuration -->Settings -->Units of Measure.

Enable units of measure in Odoo 12

Now go to inventory-->Master Data --> Products to change the units of the products.

Note that the unit of measure measure the sales units and the purchase unit of measure indicates the unit of measure while purchasing an item.

We are now going to create 2 units. That is :

  • Packet
  • Bag

Packet is for the retailing and Bag is for purchasing unit.

Click on UoM --> Create

Odoo 12 units of measure packet

In the same way create another unit like Bag

Odoo 12 units of measure bag

You can either create a new product or edit an existing one. Set the Unit of Measure as packet and Purchase Unit of Measure as bag.

Go to Inventory -->Master Data -->Product

Create new product in Odoo 12

Now lets illustrate this in a sales and purchase order .

Go to Sales -->Quotation -->Create. Select the product and update the customer and the quantity. Click save and confirm the sale.

You can see the the unit during the sales as packet.

Packet UoM in Odoo 12

Now go to inventory to check this. We can see the quantity has been updated.

update quantity

Now we can do a purchase. Go to Purchase -->RFQ --> Create.

Create a purchase order by confirming the RFQ. Notice that the unit has changed during the purchase.

Odoo 12 Bag UoM

We have bought 10 bags of product ,that means 10 *12 =120 packets of products.

Lets check this from the inventory .

purchased quantity


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