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Odoo 12 Mass mailing in CRM

Odoo 12 Mass mailing in CRM

MeghaDec. 15, 2020

What is Mass mailing?

Mass mailing is the act of sending the same email message to a large number of people at the same time. Mass mailing in Odoo 12 mainly helps you to stay top of mind with prospects, clients, or anyone else you do business with. It is also known as an” email blast”.

In addition, mass emails can spotlight new product launches, keep customers updated on company news, build important relationships, and highlight upcoming events, sales, or limited-time offers. We are going to implement a mass mailing CRM module.

Steps Involved In Mass Mailing In Odoo 12

Firstly, we have to go to setting, click on the General Setting menu option, and enable or activate the External Email Server option. When we enable we can see options such as Incoming Email Server and Outgoing Email Server option. Click on Outgoing Email Server Option

Mass Mailing - Outgoing Email Server Option

2. We can create an outgoing server by clicking on Create button.

3. We need to give a description. Description means just giving a name (Eg:outgoing1), and set the SMTP Server, SMTP Port Number, Connection, Username, and password and we can now test the connection.

Mass Mailing-Server Description

5. Then, Make changes in Email Preferences section by changing email with the same email of outgoing email server.

Changes In Email Preferences

6. We have to install CRM module.

7. Go to Configuration menu, select settings option enable or active the "Lead " option.

Mass Mailing-Enable The Lead Option

8. When we enable or activate the lead option we can see lead menu appear in the menu option in CRM.

9. If we want to create a new lead, we have the create button option. We can also see the already created leads, and details such as created on, lead, customer, city, email, phone, sales team etc...

10. We can select any one of the lead by enabling the checkbox option, in the tree view and click on action button.

Enable Checkbox Option

11. When we click on action button, we can see the option as "send an email" , click on it.

Mass Maailing-Send Email

12. A new window appears, inside that we have the option for Mass Mailing Name , subject options

  •  Select : give a subject that means what is the purpose of sending this email to recipient.

13. Moreover, we can also design using the template, can change the font style, color, size, add image, set as ordered list, unordered list, align the text etc...

Mass Mailing-Using Template

14. We can send the message by clicking on send button.


Mass Mailing-Send Message

In conclusion, this is how  mass mailing in Odoo 12 using CRM is done. Hope you understood about the mass mailing in odoo.

Odoo 12 Mass Mailing In CRM

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