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Odoo 11 Website Builder

Odoo 11 Website Builder

IjasFeb. 15, 2020

In this blog we will be going to take a look at the Website Builder in Odoo 11. Here, we will go through the entire web building application. So let’s get it started.

A website is a necessity for entrepreneurs, small businesses, home-based businesses, and anybody selling products or services f you're selling online services or products, having a website is obvious.
Odoo provides a feature to create websites with great eye grabbing designs.

First we need to install Website builder from applications.


After successfully installing the odoo website builder module, you need to select the basic theme you want ,so select it as your wish. Let’s start designing.


For editing this page go to the top right corner and click on edit and start designing your website.

edit page-odoo

odoo- blocks

Here on the left side we can see many blocks of different designs , we can drag and drop the block to our page.

Customize Website Builder In Odoo 11

These blocks are here to create the structure and content for our website. After dragging and dropping a block it will give us some default texts and images.

 odoo drag&drop

We can edit the texts by clicking on it. All is built in. Right here what you see is what you get when you change and modify the content.


When we click on a block, it put this little menu bar up where we can customize. I click customize here and its prompting us just to change the background image. So we can pick different backgrounds here that is built in. And we can also come down here like for background color. And then pick a color where it will just be that’s our background color.

website builder customize


When we got this block complete and when adding another block, it will pop in the place and show us what its going to look like.

website builder odoo

After all these things, hit the save button on the top right.

website builder save-odoo

We can see now our page is refreshed. So we have created our first page. So another nice little feature that they is highlighting to us is that we can see a mobile preview of what this site would look like on a phone.

website builder mobile icon-odoo

When we click on this it will show us now a mobile preview of our page.

We can add and create a new page so continue adding more pages to our site make it look more awesome.

 website builder add page-odoo

By clicking new page we can give our page title.

 website builder page title

When we hit continue we are going to see that odoo has made a menu for our new page .

website builder product menu


And once again we can come down and drag another block in.

website builder-drag

As we can see this is a really simple block. We can adjust the position of the block by clicking and dragging those small arrows. And also we can duplicate and delete blocks by clicking on the small icons visible on the left top.

 website builder image

We can change the images on the blocks by just double clicking on the image. After double clicking it will pop a menu like this.

 web builder uploading own image-odoo

We can pick from these images here or we can upload own image by clicking on the button upload an image. We can add documents, pictograms and then finally we can actually embed a video by pasting the URL.

website transform-odoo

There is a tool call as transform the pictures so we click this and now we can do something like resizing images as the way we want, we can even rotate it.
We can also edit the texts as well, we can adjust text colors ,underlines, changing styles,inserting tables etc.. to our page. We hope you understood website builder in odoo 11 concept very well.


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