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Odoo 11 Salary Structure

Odoo 11 Salary Structure

Anjali AjithJuly 1, 2020

A company's payroll is the list of employees of that company that are entitled to receive pay and the amounts that each should receive. Payroll processing consists of the steps needed to pay employees each period, and involves tracking hours worked, deducting money for employee benefits, and remitting payroll taxes. In Odoo, Salary structure defines the detailed description of salary either it point outs the total salary package of employee. Odoo manages the salary of an employee by the module called Payroll. One should install the Payroll module to avail these services. In this blog we will discuss in detail on Odoo 11 Salary Structure.

Before defining the salary structure we need to define the salary rules, you can define the rules regarding the salary within the salary rule. To define salary rules:

Payroll -->Configuration --> Salary Rules

Odoo 11 salary structure

Create a salary rule by clicking on create and fill out the essentials.

  • Name is the name of the rule .
  • Category is the type of the rule to applied ,(Eg: Allowance,Gross,Net....)
    You can also create and edit the category through Create and edit link provided.
  • Code should be a unique value.
  • The sequence is an integer value.
  • Sequence defined on a rule calculating the Gross should always greater than the sequence’s given on Allowance’s rules.

salary rule

Hit save after setting conditions, computations and others.

Workflow of Salary Structure

Creating a salary structure.

Go to Payroll module, Configuration --> Salary Structure.

Here salary structure is created as for the marketing executive level.

salary structure in odoo 11

Go to Employees module and select an employee.

Odoo 11 Salary Structure

Click on the Contracts tab, and set the following accordingly as shown in the figure.

Odoo 11 Salary Structure

Now create a new contract. Give a unique Reference number. Also allot the salary structure that is to be followed for the employee. After setting the Monthly wage of the employee, enter save.

Odoo 11 Salary Structure

Go to Employees module again select the same employee, we will able to see the contracts number has updated as shown.

Next, we need to create a payslip for that click on the payslip tab in the highlighted area.

Odoo 11 Salary Structure

Create a new payslip for the employee, add contract period, contract and description of the worked days by clicking on Add item link.

After that hit save and confirm as shown below .

Odoo 11 Salary Structure

Note : Structure will be automatically get update when we enter the contract number/id.

The following image shows the salary computation sheet in the payslip, while clicking on Compute Sheet.

Odoo 11 Salary Structure

Next to the this tab, you can see the details of the salary rule category.

salary rule details

Hit on Confirm to save the payslip.

→Go to Payroll to see the employee payslips that we have created so far.


The marked entry is the payslip of that employee that we have just created.


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