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Odoo 11 Invoice Target Tracking

Odoo 11 Invoice

Anjali AjithSept. 22, 2020

Odoo 11

Odoo CRM makes it easy for you to track leads, close opportunities, and arrange events such as meetings, mailings, to do etc. It integrates entirely with other software such as Sales, Accounting, Email Marketing, and eSignature. Through Odoo CRM you can easily check your performances and future activities.We will discuss about Odoo11 Invoice Target Tracking in depth in this blog.


CRM Module Familiarization

Familiarization of CRM module in Odoo help you under stand further about the managing of tasks to be planned, finished or even analyzing a specific target is reached. Analyzing and preparing the marketing strategy, annual profits, invoice targets, etc. in the corporate sense would help you keep the company profitable in the long run.

Lets talk about some terms in CRM.

  • A Lead indicates a potential customer or a potential future prospect for company or sales. They are typically not yet eligible and are not yet designated for follow-up to an individual user.
  • Pipeline refers to the mechanism by which the sales cycle creates, qualifies, and closes leads. In Odoo CRM, in the Kanban view, leads are brought in at the left end of the sales pipeline and then transferred from one point to another to the right.
  • In sales management , sales channels have a significant role. The sales channel is a way of directly or indirectly bringing goods or services to consumers. One of the most significant decision business owners can make is selecting a proper sales channel. Sales channel focuses to increase sales or outcome.


Invoicing Target

We can set the target of invoicing revenue for the current month. This is the amount that the sales team estimates to be invoiced this month. Tick on set invoicing target checkbox in order to set target.

To use the leads one should enable the Lead check box from :

CRM -->Configuration -->Settings -->Lead

enabling lead in crm

As we said earlier, Sales channel plays a crucial role in making a business profitable. In Odoo, you can create a sales channel via :

CRM -->Configuration -->Sales channel -->Create.

creating sales channel

Name the channel. You can see the lead in this wizard given which was already enabled .

Set the Channel Leader as Administrator. You can add the email alias if needed. It serves the purpose of putting a product / service by the customer via email.

You can add the team members by clicking on the Add button. Mostly in multi national companies they cannot manage huge number of employees, so they make the employees in to small manageable groups based on their country, language, taste etc...

Go to Dash board, there you can see the check box for opting the Invoicing Target. Here it is currently set to 10,000.

 invoice target tracking

Then hit Save.

Now to create a lead, go to CRM -->Lead --> Create.

Give the description of the requirement in a line in the lead name. Fill all the details like customer name address, etc..

You can set the priority for the lead as shown in the figure according to the need.

Note that we have set the sales channel to America and sales person to the administrator.

You can give the Tags that may indicate the information about the customer, product, contact information etc.

new lead

Save the selections. The lead will be now visible in the lead tab.

lead conversion

Click on the Convert to Opportunity button for converting it in to an opportunity of the Administrator (Sales person).

Convert to opportunity in Odoo11 Invoice Target Tracking

You can convert the lead to opportunity or merge the leads if any multiple opportunities appear. After setting the customers click on the Create Opportunity button.

When we converted a lead into opportunity, the lead will appear like this in the board created in pipeline view. If all requirements are known, you can now drag it to the Qualified board. The completion probability can be set to all those boards.

Pipeline view in Odoo11 Invoice Target Tracking


Now you can create a new quotation by clicking on New Quotation.

New quotation in Odoo11 Invoice Target Tracking

Then create invoice for the item.

Create invoice in Odoo11 Invoice Target Tracking

The targeted invoicing can be tracked in the salary channel dashboard.

Odoo11 Invoice Target Tracking

The invoice obtained, as you can see, is 7k out of the target 10k.

We hope this clarifies your Odoo11 Invoice Target Tracking through this blog.


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