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Modular Concepts Of ODOO

Modular Concepts Of ODOO

Sahdiya MammoottySept. 21, 2019

Modular Concept of Odoo - Odoo Apps

ODOO, which is formerly known as Open ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning software. It can provides end-to-end business solutions for different verticals like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Website building & optimization, Sales, e-commerce, Financial Management, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing Management, Project Management, Employee and Payroll Management, etc. ODOO has numerous module through which customize apps are form as per the need of every business function in an industry. The ODOO module can add brand new business logic to an ODOO system.

Here odoo apps are arrange as modules but togetherness create great business management system .


Odoo Open Source ERP provides many built-in modules. They includes Point of Sale, Accounting, HR, Project etc. with its own default features. However, users can modify its source code and use Odoo as per their needs. But if the modification or customization process hasn't gone well, then the user may experience unexpected losses.

"The great advantage odoo ERP is that these modules are integrate in to a single platform".

In simple, modular concept of an odoo-odoo apps means, apps are arrange in the form of modules. Whenever we need some applications (like lunch module, recruitment…) we can install from the apps or just uninstall the app, which make user to reduce complexity of usage.

It is built in a modular structure. It means that particular processes or functions can be handle by separate modules.

Users can conveniently implement the desired module to cope up with the particular business requirements. The user can start off with basic modules and they can add on new modules in the future when the business expands. This sort of flexibility is really helpful for uncertain business plans.which lead to reduce complexity of user usage. Its easy integration and customization options are an added benefit.


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