Minimum Stock Rule / Reordering Rule In Odoo


HibaFeb. 7, 2019

There are cases when you want a purchase order to be created automatically when the stock quantity of some product reaches the minimum level. Minimum Stock rules are used to ensure that you always have the minimum amount of a product in stock in order to manufacture your products and/or answer to your customer needs. In such situation you can create Reordering rule for that product by  specifying minimum quantity, maximum quantity, and a quantity multiple. For example, if you have a product ‘A’ for which you want to create a new  purchase order automatically always when there is only one item stock, but also you don’t want more than 10 items in the stock. For a few things you hold in stock, it may be helpful to have rules ensuring you never run out of stocks (for instance, items with a popularity, or big storage room for large products.). It is possible to set Reordering Rule or Minimum Stock Rule In Odoo 11.

Odoo enables you to set up rules that a programmed replenishment for those things is made, based on the obtainable stock.


  • Select or create a product you want to set reordering rule
  • Go to Product form>>> General information tab and make the product type as Stockable. As soon as this is possible, there is an icon for reordering rule.
  • Then go to inventory>>>Route, tick the Buy and uncheck make to order.
    Select a vendor and don’t forget to set minimum quantity greater than zero (Product form>>>purchase)

Create a reordering rule

  • Click on reordering rules button, click on create, a new page opens. Here By default the name starts with OP/XXXXX. We can change this name as our wish.

Create a reordering rule for Minimum Stock Rule in Odoo 11

  • In the minimum quantity field insert the minimum quantity to which system will trigger a new order.
  • In the maximum quantity field insert the maximum of stock items. The procurement order will be based on that quantity to order.
  • Quantity multiple is the lowest quantity of items that is order at once

minimum and maximum quantity field

  • In the Lead time section you can see two options, Day(s) to get the product and day(s) to purchase

1. Day(s) to get the product – Number of days to get the product

2. Day(s) to purchase - It is the number of days for the supplier to receive the order.

By default in Odoo the scheduler will run at the specified interval on cron job or you can run manually.

  • In order to run scheduler manually go to settings and activate developer mode.
  • Then go to Technical>>>Automation>>>Scheduled actions. Then click on Run manually.

scheduler run at the specified interval on cron job

  • When the forcasted going less than the minimum quantity specified in the reordering rule for the product, Odoo automatically generates procurement, find out the related vendor and generates a draft purchase order.

Hope you understood the concept of Minimum Stock Rule in Odoo.