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Insurance Industry

Insurance Industry

Sachana ChandranSept. 25, 2019

ODOO ERP For Insurance Industry

ODOO ERP for Insurance Industry

In an insurance company, massive administrative and paper-work done is every day and the data is usually not maintain in one place. As a result, a huge amount of data gets generate in an insurance company every day. It is difficult to get hold of the important data quickly which causes unprecedent delays. Insurance companies need flexible efficient systems for information processing because they work with a great number of clients. In addition, they deal with accountable documents including the ones for governmental entities, go regularly through check-outs. Odoo ERP Solution in Insurance Industry helps the company to integrate the data of all the departments under one common database.

It is easy for searching transactional details & inventory data of the company and the particular branch easily in Odoo ERP. Odoo ERP Solutions are the best for any insurance company as it will help them for appropriate backup of data, tracking customer’s credentials & taking care of the legal agreements with the help of various modules & reports.

  • Respond on-time to multiple requirements.
  • Customer Relationship Management.
  • Claims Management.
  • Policy Management

Odoo ERP as become an important need today for insurance organizations to be competitive in the market. Insurance companies need a flexible and efficient tool. It is require because of information processing and as they work with deal with innumerable documents and a great number of clients regularly.


Customer Relation Management

Customer Relation Management is widely used to track and manage client details/communication history. Because they keep your whole team connected from any device. Odoo CRM is the Customer Relationship Management module within the Odoo platform. It allows you to see all your leads/opportunities in one location. It manage them from one stage to another, and and analyze your results.

Customer Relationship Management

Easy way to track their prospects and they want all the information in one place. In addition, managers require visibility into the sales pipeline and what actions their salespeople are taking.Odoo software helps both salespeople and managers, reducing their labor, making them more efficient, and giving them access to easily segmentable, well-visualized information.

track prospects-odoo


Reporting and analysis

An Odoo ERP software for insurance industry helps availing every information. It also help for data pertaining to financial and operational functions from various departments. These critically analyzed reports like the company balance sheets, general ledger, trial balance reports or other miscellaneous financial statements help in monitoring and also the real-time tracking of revenue inflows and profits derived. As the ERP comes integrated it provides with a unified reporting system for the insurance industry helping every business processes to happen without hurdles.

Reporting and analysis



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