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Incoterms In Odoo


HibaFeb. 4, 2019


Incoterms stands for International commercial terms. Fifteen terms of sale accepted worldwide in an assignment of costs and responsibilities between buyer and seller. Basically, Incoterms are trade terms published by the International chamber of commerce(ICC),   and that is commonly used in both international and domestic trade contracts. Incoterms basically intended to convey the assignments, expenses, and risk related to the transportation and delivery of products. Incoterms in OpenERP support the business worldwide and are only for information purpose that defines international commercial terms and it has no impact in different modules of OpenERP.

Go to Inventory >>> Warehouse management >>> Incoterms.

The below list shows Incoterms in odoo 11.

List of Incoterms in odoo11

In order to enable incoterms in sales go to sales >>> configuration >>> settings >>> mark tick on Incoterms.

enable incoterms in sales

Then go to sales and you can set the Incoterms in Odoo.

setting the Incoterms




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