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How To Create Manufacturing Order From Sales Order In Odoo


HibaNov. 9, 2018

ERP software for manufacturing industry helps to handle various projects for Manufacturing Business effectively and productively. It is conceivable to create manufacturing order with the subtleties like product name for which the Manufacturing Order is made, bill of materials of that product, amount of product that will be delivered, planned date, completed products location, crude material location etc. Once the bills of materials have been characterized, OpenERP is able to do naturally deciding on the manufacturing route based on the requirements of the organization. It is possible to create a manufacturing order from sales order in Odoo very easily and effectively.

Here we discuss the exclusive feature of Odoo, that is automatic creation of manufacturing orders from sales order:

  • Create BOM(Bills of Material) for the product. To do so go to Manufacturing>>> Master data>>>BOM. Then select product and components used for manufacturing.

Create BOM(Bills of Material) for the product

  • Then goes to Product master data and select the product. Under the inventory, the tab end user can see Routes. Then select Route Make to order and


  • Now, let us create a sales order. Go to the Sales module and select product for which bills of material(BOM) created and then confirm sales order.

create a sales order

  • Then go to Manufacturing>>>Operations>>>Manufacturing orders. Now you can see a new manufacturing order created for the product selected in the sales order.

 new manufacturing order is created for the product selected in the sales order

Odoo manufacturing erp helps to create production based on the customer requirement or approved customer order. This will helps the excess production of products.


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