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How Google Adwords varies with Google Adsense???

Google Adwords

Anisha M JosephAug. 12, 2020

Google Adwords vs Google Adsense

AdWords and AdSense are two separate paid advertising platforms offered by Google that have very different use cases. Google AdWords allows businesses to signup and create an ad to displayed by Google on relevant SERPs and content pages, and Google AdSense lets publishers work with Google to get those ads placed on their pages for a cut of the profit. Advertisers use the Adwords program to advertise their products or services on AdSense websites. Now, let's have a deep look into Adwords Vs Adsense concept.

The fundamental difference between AdWords and AdSense is who they’re designed for. AdWords is for advertisers and AdSense is for publishers, or website owners.


Google AdSense

As a publisher, you can earn money by displaying Google ads on your website. Publishers receive 70% of the revenue and Google 30%. For example if an advertiser pays $1 for a click then 70 cents will go to the publisher and 32 cents to Google. Here google reserve a space for adwords and website owners are getting paid by google. Moreover, it’s free to use, and it works in a few simple steps:

  • Sign up here and submit your website.( )
  • Google will evaluate your site and approve you as a publisher.
  • Then they give you a code you can use on your website to display relevant ads on your actual website.
  • You then decide where you want to put the code and subsequently show the ads on your particular site.

Google AdSense dashboard


Google Adwords


On the other hand, as an advertiser you can show your ads on the Google Search Results Pages with Google Adwords. In simply, business & marketers  advertise on google's network or normal keyword search. Here business paying google to place their ads on google search. In addition, Adwords has become very successful not only because it generates a big part of Google’s income but also because PPC does offer a lot of benefits to businesses too.

  • Create an AdWords Account with your gmail. ( )
  • Choose your Campaign Name and Type
  • Set a Bid Strategy & geographic locations you are focusing.
  • Create Your First PPC Ad
  • Fill in Your Chosen Keywords
  • Maximum CPC with proper bidding

Some general Misconceptions about Google AdSense & AdWords

Google AdSense and google Adwords Misconceptions and differences

In addition to this,

Let us see how we can earn money with Google AdSense:

earn money with Google AdSense

In short,

We hope you understood GOOGLE ADWORDS VS ADSENSE concept very well.

Google Ads  paying money to advertise on Google.

Google AdSense ⇒ allowing Google to place ads on your website and pay you for it.

Do you have any questions regarding Google Ads versus AdSense?

Further, have you found that using both together has helped your advertising? Let us know your comments in the box below.


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