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Distinguish Traditional Marketing And Digital Marketing

Distinguish Traditional Marketing

Varsha SureshMay 9, 2020

Digital Marketing V/S Traditional  Marketing

Marketing is the process of establishing  customer relationship with an organization. In the growth of any firm, different modes of marketing plays a vital role. It is the basic mode of interaction with the customers. The main goal of marketing is customer satisfaction. The ultimate challenge in marketing is deciding the medium of marketing. The traditional marketing and digital marketing have influenced the lifestyle of people in different ways. Earlier modes of marketing like printed medias, broadcasting medias,telemarketing reached a wide range of people. But as technologies change day by day, people are moving to newer technologies, hence the mode of marketing also get changed. People are moving to cheaper, efficient, strategic, tangible platforms were more reach is available. Marketing becomes efficient only when it has reached the targeted people. Printed and telemarketing had high scope in reaching the audience. But compared to online marketing they are less advanced.

As technology became digitized the reach was double when compared to traditional way of marketing. Marketing becomes effective not only by choosing the correct product, but reaching the target audience efficiently. Online marketing is on its way in reaching large amount of audience. Conventional way of marketing were only able to reach semi-targeted audience. Conventional way of marketing provided the customers with offline advertising methods like posters, newspapers, magazines etc. They are still in high reach to the target audience, but are less attractive when compared to online marketing. In our society above 75% of people are internet seekers, so its access give them high reach-ability than printed ones. The main drawback of traditional marketing is that, here were go out and search for people.

Reach-ability Of Marketing

The reach-ability in online marketing is high,so we can grab more audience. The main secret of online marketing is that it give us direct response for our effort. Social medias play a critical role in the enhancement of online marketing. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whats-app etc have lead a new path for social media marketing in the present days. One of main advantage of digital marketing towards the traditional is the brand image which the online advertising's give. But at the same time online marketing also have some drawbacks in case of security and privacy issues. At the same time the real time feedback of customers become public which in case of traditional marketing is not concerned. But the reach of online marketing to the audience is immense.

Social medias and search engines are altering and evolving daily to deliver better options to the customers. Conventional mode of marketing since used from the beginning is not much affordable as online. Online marketing enables the marketing to be more simple and sharp. Traditional marketing takes enough time and amount to get the desired result. In contrast online marketing the results are spontaneous with minimum cost.

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