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CRM in Odoo 13

CRM in Odoo

Muhammed AliOct. 27, 2019

Odoo 12 Vs Odoo 13 CRM

CRM is the Customer Relationship Management module in Odoo. As CRM is very important in business, implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) solution is always efficient for every organization. It allows you to see all your leads/opportunities in one location, manage them from one stage to another, and analyze your results. Odoo 13 CRM brings new features in addition to the CRM in Odoo 12. It helps in further extending the functionality of CRM module.

CRM module in Odoo 13 comes with new and exciting features. It offers more flexibility to the customers in addition to the organization. In order to get this feature, enable the feature from the Configuration.

Odoo 13 CRM Configuration

You can see the predictive lead scoring menu which allows you to score leads. Here, you can add the fields for probability computation.

The website lead generation is split into three menus. By enabling these features, it will help to convert visitors of your website into leads and perform data enrichment based on their IP address. Also can enrich your leads automatically with company data based on their email address. And thereby generate new leads based on their country, industry, size, etc.

In the Opportunity form, you can see the Probability which is estimate by odoo. By clicking the settings icon you can also switch now to automatic probability.

Odoo 13 CRM Settings

The won leads can be view with a green ribbon. And the lost leads can be view with a red ribbon at the right corner of the form.

CRM leads in Odoo 13

CRM leads lost in Odoo 13

In Odoo 13, you can create Activity types with descriptions supporting html editor.

Activity type in Odoo

Activity type creation form in Odoo 12.

Odoo 12 Activity type creation

This blog gives you an exact idea about the new vibrant features in the Odoo 13 CRM. It offers advanced efficiency and modularity to the CRM Module in Odoo.


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