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Catch Weight Management ERP for Manufacturing Industry

Catch Weight Management ERP for Manufacturing Industry

Anisha M JosephAug. 15, 2019

ERP Software For Manufacturing Industry

ERP is an intensive endeavor asset arranging framework that offers a transformation for manufacturing firms from the conventional solution. In the current hostile business condition, it is important to be set up to face a competitive world. Thus, ERP offers solution that empowers manufacturing organizations to compete in the current market. ERP software for Manufacturing industry will be an accurate arrangement.

That is to say, a better management of your manufacturing processes transform the supply chain to achieve production plan with your sales plan, finance and customers. Moreover, ERP software integrates all facets of an operation, including product planning, development, manufacturing processes, sales and marketing.

The role of the ERP manufacturing is to complete the inventory management by implementing the operations specific to a streamlined manufacturing process. ERP manufacturing software automates all business process, providing accurate, real-time data. In addition to this, ERP increases profit and productivity by helping users navigate complex processes, preventing data re-entry, and improving functions such as production, stock keeping, order completion and delivery. Therefore, no need of much confusion there regarding having an ERP for Manufacturing industry. It's a must factor today. Now let's read about an erp software that can easily manage all these things within a single solution...

Best Manufacturing ERP Software In 2021

Catch Weight ERP for manufacturing industry

CATCHW8 delivers an innovative ERP software for manufacturing industry that helps producing enterprises stay lean, agile and competitive. The moment we understood that, manufacturing processes across different industries have unique requirements. That is why we specialize in providing manufacturing software and ERP software for each specific sectors that solves your business challenges and meets your unique and varied industry-specific requirements. Thus, we make sure that our customized solution best suits to your industry.

Moreover, CATCHW8 is a cloud ERP software effectively focusing the industries who uses two units of measure for their major business activities. As a result, it provides the flexibility to maintain inventory in one units of measure and operations like sales and purchase based on another units of measure. The beauty of CATCHW8 is integrated with all operational areas of enterprise like sales, purchase, inventory, production, quality control etc..


♣ Unlimited users support with zero license fees.

♠ Multi company support.

♣ Multi currency support.

♠ Multi language support.

♣ Integrated Calendars and Schedulers.

♠ Customizable for Scalability.

♣ Good reporting for inventory.

♠ Interactive dashboard for better KPI.

♣ OS independent support.

♠ Can deploy in cloud and on premise.

♣ High level security.

♠ Modular concept for features And lot more..

Specialties of CATCHW8 ERP In Manufacturing Industry:

  • Prioritize customer satisfaction
  • Assistance in planning orders
  • Easy deliveries
  • Reduces human labor involved in processes
  • Strategic Decision Making
  • Controlled production line
  • Integrated data modules
  • Ensures on-time delivery
  • Respond to Market Conditions Quicker
  • Zeroed wastage of resources
  • Better decisions
  • Curbed expenses
  • Maximized utilization of resources
  • Deliver critical information quickly based on the needs
  • Increased profits
  • Specific manufacturing
  • Improved productivity
  • Material tracking
  • Ensure transparent operational control with ERP

In short, meet the needs of your growing manufacturing business and link your industry sector with the India's leading ERP solution for manufacturing industry. To clarify, whatever be your business area if you are in search of an ERP software for that specific manufacturing sector, the solution is here.

Moreover, we provide the CATCHW8 Management solution in countries like India, America, Oman, Qatar, KuwaitUAE, Bahrain, Maldives, Saudi Arabia, Srilanka, Australia , Abu dhabi , Dubai, Thailand, Canada, Hong Kong, Germany, Mexico, Spain, France etc...


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