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Benefits Of Web Based POS

Benefits Of Web Based POS

Neenu RobinSept. 10, 2019

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Any business selling person will have a ‘point of sale’, commonly abbreviated ‘POS’. POS is not a standalone machine or process. That is, it is constellation of things that together enable you to process customer-facing transactions efficiently. And also to streamline business processes connected with your sales. Earlier POS machine was available as a single desktop unit integrated with software, Barcode Scanner, Cash drawer, Customer Display and a Receipt Printer. A single POS terminal was much costlier for any mid level or low level retailers to afford. Moreover, the POS machine was not easily portable from one location to another. Re-installation of POS machine might requires technical assistance from their IT vendors. But with the emerging of web based POS software's, POS become a common picture not only for retailers but also for service based business people.

Web based POS are ideal for mobile business like food truck and home repair services. All modern POS systems have a front-end interface for the point of sale and also a back-end (sometimes called ‘back-office’ or ‘dashboard’) side for behind-the-scenes analytics and management functions. With an active internet connection the software can easily be installed and it will stay operational even after complete disconnection.

Benefits of Web based POS System

1.Cost Effectiveness

The cost to implement a web based POS is very less compared to a traditional POS system. With the help of internet connection you can use the this software. Any devices that supports browsers can be used to run the web based POS . Now a days these are available with a monthly subscription fee which helps to quick start a system with low investment.

2. Device Portability

Web based POS does not require any POS machine to work. It can easily be installed and run on any devices that supports browsers which includes industrial POS machines, desktops, laptops, iPads and mobiles. These electronic devices are readily available in the market and are easily portable.

3. Availability of software updates

With web based POS, software updates are available from time to time which adds more features to the existing POS. But with the desktop POS software updation is difficult. Sometimes they need to go for a new POS with advanced features.

4. Easy customization

Different customers have different expectations within each trade. It may also be said that a POS system can be made to serve different things to different end-users depending on their unique business processes. Quite often an off-the-shelf POS system is inadequate for customers. That is, some customization is require. Most of the web based POS software's should be customize in order to suit the customer requirements.

5. App Integration

Most of the web based POS comes with an integrated inventory and also some accounting features. We can integrate POS module with other modules like CRM, Sales, Purchase, Restaurant management, Accounting, e-Commerce etc.

6. Migration to an ERP System

We can enhance a POS to an ERP suitable for an organization by customizing and also integrating it with some other modules based on the customer requirements.

7. Inventory Management

Most of the web based POS comes with an integrated inventory management which helps in tracking your inventory real time. We can also keep track of our inventory available on hand , in order and in transit.

8. Customer Relationship Management

Web based POS helps to manage customers real time. It also keep track of customer data and their purchases history. that is, it helps to analyze the sales of different products and to establish different marketing and promotional ideas to increase the sales.


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