Spa & Salon Management

In the recent few years, we witnessed a drastic technological change from manual process to automated in beauty sector. People working in the beauty industry, now using advanced Salon & Spa Software to improve their business growth. Such software is helping business owners in automating various aspects of daily operations and have complete control over them. They can even modify their processes to support their business growth and meet customer satisfaction level. Whether you self-employed or own a large scale beauty business, a salon management software for makeup artists can make their job easier. & here we go..

Booking & Appointments

Chair Management

Service Feedbacks

Customer Management

Report Generation

Staff / Beautician Management

Membership & Loyalty

POS Solutions

Your customers will glorify you with their satisfaction of salon experience

An industries best Salon & Spa Software

Today more people are concentrated on their beauty. So the number of customers reaching this field is increasing day by day and the business field is now trying new innovations to reduce the stress and increase their service quality along with attaining good profit. And finally they came to the practical side of it. That is for the easy Managing of the spa or salon business and the result was an awesome ERP software


Odoo Spa & Salon Management

Odoo supports a complete ERP Solution for spa & salon management. It is a complete package with a variety of features on board which can make the business-friendly and profitable. The major feature provided by the ERP software for beauty spa management are online booking facility, Chair Management, accounting facility, membership & loyalty, report generation, customer relationship facility traceability feature, & various other features.


♥ Manage Your Customers ♥ Providing full ERP for Spa and Saloon Business ♥ Complete support through-out the work ♥ ♥ ♥
♥ Odoo Spa & Salon Management
♥ Appointment scheduling on any device, anytime, anywhere. ♥ Supports Barcode Scanner. ♥ POS Results in Increased Revenue. ♥ Easy to Launch Schemes and Packages on Festivals. ♥ Manage Available Service area/chairs for Optimum Utilization. ♥ Comprehensive Membership Management. One Click Commission Calculation Reports. Dashboard Displays up to date Bookings, Actions, and Notifications. ♥ Efficient management of Staff / Beautician s

Want to transform good to best??

Technaureus, spa and salon Management Software is providing the best software solution in this industry area, upgrading itself from time to time according to the current market needs. Presently, it has features like client’s appointment scheduling, records of clients and beauticians and much more which makes it unique and most preferred salon spa software. If you are in search of for a solution for you betterment, We are here to lift up you..

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