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Technaureus ERP Drives JAD's Tailoring Success: Streamlined Operations, Custom Solutions, and Growth

JAD: Transforming the Tailoring and Textiles Industry with Technaureus ERP - A Journey to Seamless Operations and Remarkable Success.

Company Name: JAD
Business Vertical : Tailoring and Textilie
Odoo Version : 11 Community
Server : On Premises


About Client

With over 12+ years of experience in designing, stitching and delivering premium quality thobes in Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Sharjah, Jad stands as best competitor for tailoring stores in Arab World. If you need perfect and splendid thobes with excellent finish and fit in customised design, Then reach JAD and grab your favourite outfit. Their collections have thobes that are perfect for every customer taste and budget which are available in a diversity of fabrics and colours.
Incorporating every minute detail of Thobe & its stitching, Jad stitching gives best solution for all your custom-fit clothing dillemas. We have a wide array of designs,patterns, fabrics, tailoring techniques and other tangled details. Customer stays as first priority for us and in order to provide you with a seamless customer shopping experience, They  offer assistance via whatsapp.Update your wardrobe with classic styled collection of thobes. They craft thobes with perfection in order to create the absolute fit and best feel for you. Once you experience the perfection, then there is no going back to imperfections. You are unique and we make unique and stylish thobes to present the best in you .They have a team of stitching experts, with a decade of experience in stitching elegant and stylish thobes which makes us the maestro in the delicate of perfect cut. They follow the trend, style and fabric and hence we know what works and what suits you. Trust us, They carry out multiple quality checks before delivering the final outfit. The cloth, its cut, stitching and finish are carefully supervised to remove the defects.

Main Apps implemented: Accounting, Invoicing, Sales, Inventory, POS, Purchase, Manufacturing, Employee & Payroll.

Number of Users: 35

Challenges faced JAD on previous product,

1. Measurement Recording & Print
2. Cutting and Stiching Process Recording
3. Employee’s incentive Calculation
4. Branch Concept
5.Cutting Machine Integration
6. E invoicing and Taxation

Technaureus - Implementation Methodology

Technaureus helped JAD to integrate their business operations into Odoo ERP that streamlined their varied business functions. JAD need to manage their Sales,Measurements,Production,Delivery,inventories, payrol management, accounts and accounting reports .

Apart from defualt Odoo, we have done Full customisations in measurement portion and developed a 2D image measurement report for easily understanding the measurements for cutting and stichinh staffs.

They have 3 Branches(2 Shops and 1 production Unit) named Malga,Badea and Production Unit. So they need to manage branch wise sales,delivery and acconuting report.for this technaures used branch module for handling thier needs.

The another main concern of JAD team is how to manage their employee’s incentive, so technaureus help them to develope a incentive management module for calculating their employee incentive and this incentive is added in employee’s salary

The next Main feature technaureus done for JAD is Cutting machine integration, JAD using Cutting machine to reduce the man power and make the cutting become easy , so they need to send the measurements to cutting , technaureus helps to
integrate the odoo with their cutting machine, now they can send their measurement file into cutting machine.

Technaures developed Saudi E-invoice (ZATCA Phase I & II) module for JAD, and Arabic Invoice and Tax invoice report with QR code
With efficacious customization and proper implemantation by TIS, JAD was able to effectively manage the functioning of all the aspects of their organization. With a handful of quality solutions from TIS, finally, we had let JAD reach its potential.