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Empowering Saudi Enterprises: Embrace the Future with ZATCA E-Invoicing for Unparalleled Success

ZATCA E-Invoicing Odoo

RahnaAug. 1, 2023

In recent years, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has taken significant steps to digitize its tax administration and streamline business operations. One such initiative is the implementation of ZATCA (Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority) e-invoicing. This innovative system mandates businesses to generate electronic invoices and report them to the tax authority in real time.


In this blog, we will explore how Odoo, a popular ERP software, can simplify ZATCA e-invoicing and ensure compliance for businesses in Saudi Arabia.


The ultimate goal of this move is to integrate business data with the ZATCA system to make trade more seamless and transparent. The government can standardize the way invoices are reported to the system in a common, machine-readable format while also staying updated on the transactions that get pushed to their portal. Paper storage and hand-written invoices will be phased out, and since all invoices will be authenticated on the ZATCA portal, fraudulent activities such as fake invoices can be detected.

E-invoicing will also create a common database for audits. With this readily available information, tax authorities won’t need to conduct audits as frequently as before.


Guidelines for e-invoicing in KSA

The e-invoicing provisions will apply to all taxable goods and services that are subject to VAT

E-invoicing is mandatory for all B2B, B2G, and B2C transactions. While issuing an e-invoice to a buyer, you should provide a printed copy as well.

The invoices have to be in Arabic. You may opt to translate them or add another language, but it is mandatory to issue the e-invoice in Arabic.


ZATCA implementation in Odoo

Using Odoo, It can be configured to comply with Saudi ZATCA e-invoicing requirements. This feature is only applicable to Odoo versions 15 and 16.

Odoo, being a versatile ERP solution, offers an integrated e-invoicing module compliant with Saudi regulatory requirements.

Odoo Saudi Arabia E Invoicing Modules

For Arabic invoice

Odoo Arabic Invoice

Zatca registration

1. Log in to the ZATCA e-invoice portal by clicking Login and entering your username and Password.

zatca registration

2. Make sure you have timely access to the phone number registered on ZATCA to access the OTP that will be received from the portal within 2 minutes.

Zatca Verification


ZATCA - Odoo Integration

1. Setting up the environment

We use Simulation mode in order to test invoices

Once it is in Production mode then all the invoices will be submitted to ZATCA

Zatca Odoo Integration

2. Configure Company

Update the company details such as:

  • Company name
  • Company full address such as street, city, ZIP, State, Country
  • Building number, Plot identification number, Neighbourhood
  • Identification Scheme, Identification Number
  • VAT number
  • Company currency

Odoo Zatca Company Configuration


3. Journal On-boarding

For each sales journal, we will need to onboard one device.

Accounting -> Configuration -> Journals, open your sales journal, and enter a serial number for the journal under the ZATCA tab.

Odoo Zatca Journal On Boarding

Click -> Onboard Journal, As we receive the OTP from the Simulation Fatoora portal for each Journal, It will open a wizard asking for the OTP requesting the CSID.


Zatca Odoo CSID




Enter the OTP and complete the process

4. Work Flow

NB: When creating a customer, it should be verified whether it is an individual or a company.

If it is a B2C invoice, the e-invoice status will be Reported and If it is B2B, then it’s status will be Cleared.


Generate an invoice either via sale order or through accounting in the normal flow.

Once the invoice is posted, a confirmation message is displayed at the top.

Odoo Einvoice Process

Either you can click on the process now as it immediately sent the invoice to the Fatoora portal, or all the invoices generated will be sent to the Fatoora portal at the end of the day automatically.


Odoo Zatca Invoice


B2B Invoice:

As mentioned above, Clearance applies for Standard documents (B2B), which are applicable for B2B transactions and generally involve two VAT-registered taxpayers.
ZATCA’s e-invoicing regulations require that the seller submit their Standard documents (B2B) for Clearance prior to providing the documents to the buyer. In other words, the standard document (B2B) is only considered valid if it has already been cleared by ZATCA (ie, it includes ZATCA’s Clearance stamp).

Zatca Odoo b2b Invoice


B2C Invoice:

As mentioned, Reporting applies for Simplified documents (B2C), which are applicable for B2C transactions. Accordingly, ZATCA’s e-Invoicing regulations allow taxpayers to submit their Simplified Documents (B2C) within 24 hours of the transaction being completed.

Odoo Zatca B2C Invoice





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